Construction Update: Elementary #21

exterior sheathing at Elementary 21

Elementary 21 sitework continues to progress. In April multiple fire hydrants and the drip line from the Large On-Site Sewage System (LOSS) were installed. The drip line will allow treated water to drain in to the primary drain field, which has trees and other vegetation that require water. Exterior sheathing (pictured above) and interior hollow metal framing (pictured below) is ongoing, as is mechanical, engineering and plumbing throughout the building.

The District is exploring a fully inclusive playground for the new school. This playground would allow students of all abilities to grow and play together. Architects are reviewing the layout for feasibility of the structure. The estimated cost for the fully inclusive playground is $408,508.

Next month, work on the athletic field will begin with excavating and grading. Installation of geo-wells will also begin, which will provide heating and cooling for the building.

Continue to follow the school’s progress by visiting our construction page or by viewing the live construction camera.

interior hollow metal framing at Elementary 21



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