Building Improvements are Underway at Lockwood Elementary

Fencing around exterior of Lockwood ESCO project

Phase III of the Energy Services Company (ESCO) project at Lockwood is underway. This project includes replacing the current gym air handling unit with a new, custom unit that includes hot water heating. The team will also install new, small gas-fired boilers in the mechanical room to provide heat for the new air handling unit. These important building projects will improve the gym’s HVAC (heating, ventilation and air conditioning) system operation and efficiency, as well as reduce the annual utility consumption and carbon output. Additionally, the team will construct a new PE storage room.

Construction fencing will go up around the impacted spaces, however the playground and fields will remain open during the summer for community use. 

At this time, the project is scheduled for completion by early September. 

These important building improvements are made possible thanks to the generous support of Northshore voters who approved the 2018 bond.


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