FAQs - Growth

What is the impact of population growth in our area?

  • In the past six years, Northshore School District has grown by 10 percent, or 2,000 new students.
  • Projections show that growth will continue with 1,500-1,700 additional students in the next six years.
  • At the elementary level, the district is increasing by 300 students each year, which is about half an elementary school’s enrollment.

Is the district keeping pace with the growth in our area? Should the bond be larger?
Good jobs and great schools are bringing more and more families to Northshore.

We have managed growth as well as any community in our quickly expanding region. As a district, we have been very intentional in addressing growth while also keeping taxes manageable for the homeowners of our community. We are also mindful of the ebb and flow of growth and want to ensure that new schools are strategically placed to best serve the largest growth areas. This consistency in planning, made possible through the volunteer efforts of parents, staff and community members, has ensured that we are keeping up with growth, but not over-building in the wrong areas or over-taxing our community.

How has the district kept up with enrollment growth?
The number of students has increased significantly in a short amount of time. Our enrollment numbers have increased by 10% in the past six years. In order to keep pace with that rate of growth, the district would have to build a new school every other year. An elementary school, which is less expensive than a middle or high school, costs about $50 million. The district has used a combination of new schools, most recently North Creek High School, and portables to meet the demands of growth.

Is population growth the only issue?
As enrollment increases our programmatic needs are also increasing. We want to continue to offer the rigorous academics, award-winning arts programs and competitive sports that make our district a great place for students to learn and grow.

How can I get additional information on the bond and levies or request a presentation?
Please contact the Communications Department at 425.408.7670 or communications@nsd.org.