Bond & Levies

Building Better Together

School districts rely on voter-approved funding measures to bridge the gap between what the state funds and what it costs to support our students.

Thanks to the past generosity of our community, funding measures allowed us to provide technology to all Northshore students, make field improvements, install security cameras in schools across the district, begin construction on the new concert hall at Inglemoor and employ classified and certificated staff above what the state pays for.


Northshore Invests: Feb. 8, 2022 Ballot Measures

During the Oct. 11, 2021 board meeting, the Northshore School Board approved a resolution to place three funding measures on the Feb. 8, 2022 ballot to help us continue our work to Build Better Together: modernizing schools, sustaining technology, and increasing opportunities.

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Educational Programs and Operations Levy

Renewal of the Educational Programs and Operations Levy (EP&O) to help educate all of our students and bridge the gap between the funding Northshore receives from the state and what is needed to fully support students, staff, and schools.

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Technology Levy

The technology levy renewal will maintain our investment in technology for students. The technology levy funds devices for all students, classroom technology and innovative learning, allows us to provide assistive technologies to improve accessibility and funds technology training for students, staff, and families.

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Capital Projects Bond

The capital projects bond will help us address our highest facility needs. Funding from the bond would allow us to add additional classroom and learning space to overcrowded schools and reduce portable classrooms, make necessary repairs to improve and modernize aging school buildings, and make safety and security upgrades in school buildings.

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2018 Bond & Levies

Thank you Northshore! All three propositions on the February 13, 2018 ballot were approved by voters! Thank you to our amazing staff for the numerous evening presentations, videos and open houses and for the nights, weekends and long hours helping make sure our community understood the importance of these three propositions.

Educational Programs and Operations Levy

Proposition 1 was approved with 61.89% yes votes.

Renewal Educational Programs & Operations Levy covers basic education costs and makes up 20 percent of the district budget.

Capital Projects Bond

Proposition 2 was approved with 60.78% approval votes.

Capital Projects Bond will add much needed capacity, easing overcrowding district wide, while also addressing equity issues.

Technology Levy

Proposition 3 was approved with 61.76% yes votes.

Renewal Technology Levy will provide technology access to every student in all grades, while teaching them to be safe and responsible digital citizens.


News & Updates

Northshore Invests: Building Better Together

During the October 11 meeting, the Northshore School Board voted to place three funding measures on the Feb. 8, 2022 ballot. These three measures continue our work to build better together: modernizing schools, sustaining technology, and increasing opportunities.



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