School Board

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From left to right: Director Cogan, Director Cast, President McGourty, Director Swain, Director Hayes.

School Board members exemplify citizen ownership and decision-making in the schools. They volunteer hundreds of hours and an immeasurable amount of energy to assure that schools are providing the best education for children.

Board members are elected for four-year terms on a staggered basis. The board is the policy-making body for the district, while the superintendent is responsible for implementing those policies and plans. Board members make all final decisions regarding school district priorities, policies, personnel, textbooks, expenditures and growth management.

The Board adopts a budget that is necessary to maintain and operate the schools. To enhance state revenue, the Board also proposes levy and bond issues for community consideration.

Board members appreciate community involvement and input regarding the operation of the district. The board can better represent the community when district residents, students, staff members, and parents take the time to express their opinions and raise questions.




Updates from the Board

Our hearts are heavy and torn and aching for parents and families in Texas and for our nation as a whole. And we know that you are hurting as well. The horrific gun violence this week and recent weeks has touched us all. But, as we did during a global pandemic and past challenges, we will hope to join as a community to stand in solidarity, heal and move toward a safer future.

Regarding next fall, when we begin the school year of 2021-2022, we want the public to know clearly that we anticipate that all students will be allowed to attend school in-person, full-time, 5 days per week.



Peggy King 
Recording Secretary