Workgroup Meeting Notes: September 18, 2019

  • Transpo Group Presentation
    • Representatives shared research to date including visiting with District Transportation staff, reviewing District systems and becoming familiar with District practices and challenges
    • Presented their visualization tools (a tri-fold brochure – the information from the brochure is now online as website content) to describe the challenge, the issues with resolving it and a proposed a general schedule
    • Discussed examples from their other work
    • Workgroup discussed possible alternatives and the data needed to properly study the alternatives
  • Scott Engel from Transportation joined the Technical Workgroup 
  • Next meeting will review:
    • Policy review - issues and options
      • Buses arriving in time for breakfast
    • Tools in use / tools available
    • "The spider web" (crisscrossing of routes to meet various needs)
    • Dive deep into current situation to then prioritize areas to focus on
  • RFID cards as a way to generate data for this purpose and keep track 
    • Joe will explore how the different systems might help our planning
    • Bruce will look into the different radio-frequency identification (RFID) systems for school transportation systems
  • Bruce and Joe will continue to strengthen relationships with transportation officials in our municipalities
  • Hybrid learning and its potential effect on start times will also be part of the discussion