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Maywood Hills Elementary School

Serving more than 500 students, Maywood Hills Elementary’s growth project will address a number of needs, including site circulation and adding a fully accessible and inclusive playground, to support student learning.


Project Information

  • Budget: $37 million
  • Funded by: 2022 Capital Bond
  • Est. Completion: TBD
  • Design-Build Team: Lease Crutcher Lewis (contractor) and Mithun (architect)


  • February 2022: Voters approve the Capital  Bond

  • November 2022: Selection of progressive design builder team begins

  • January-February 2023: Design-build team selected

  • Community Open House on Tuesday, March 28, 2023 from 6-7 p.m. at Maywood Hills Elementary

Project Goals

The overarching goal of this project is to address district growth and reduce portables, improve building conditions, and improve the health and safety of the learning environment. Many decisions about the direction of the Maywood Hills modernization project will be made in 2023 with input from the community. We will evaluate the building needs in order to prioritize the work that can be included in this expansion project. Northshore previously established the following priorities:

  • Reducing the number of portables and building additional permanent classrooms.

  • Improve building conditions by re-roofing the existing buildings that remain.

  • Replace the gym.

  • Install a fully accessible and inclusive playground.

  • Improve perimeter delineation and security.

  • Improve arrival and supervision of students.

  • Improve site circulation.