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Inglemoor High School

Serving nearly 1,500 students, Inglemoor High School will have a phased replacement to better support student learning.


Project Information

  • Budget: $100 million
  • Funded by: 2022 Capital Bond
  • Est. Completion for Phase I Construction: TBD
  • Architect: Hutteball + Oremus
  • Contractor: TBD


Project Goals

The overarching goal of this project is to replace the existing school buildings in a phased approach resulting in improved health and safety of the learning environment. In 2023, we will develop a master plan and preliminary design for the entire replacement project and then determine the scope of the Phase 1 construction based on project priorities, construction logistics limitations, and budget constraints. Northshore previously established the following project priorities:

  • Reducing the number of portables and building additional permanent classrooms.

  • Improve building conditions by building a new central plant and modernizing the HVAC system, using sustainable solutions.

  • Building a new cafeteria for increased capacity.

  • Building a new gym and athletics support spaces.

  • Replace restrooms and add gender-inclusive restrooms to provide greater supervision and increase student safety.

  • Reorganize the building entry and administration area.

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