Forklift in the warehouse


  • Box or package the surplus materials and prepare them for transport.
  • Obtain the triplicate surplus form from your office support staff.
  • Complete the form, indicating the nature of the materials.
  • Collect the Principal's signature.
  • Attach a copy of the surplus form to the materials.
  • Send the signed form to the Purchasing for approval. Purchasing will notify Warehouse that materials are ready for pickup.
  • Place the materials in the mail location at your site or your schools designated pick up area.
  • Materials will be picked up and disposed of by the warehouse.

Please do not sell or trade items with other vendors/districts. Please contact the Warehouse (ext. 7870) if you have questions.



If time permits, the Warehouse will pick up surplus items when other deliveries are being made to the site with appropriate paperwork.

  1. School staff must fill out a “Request of Surplus of Equipment/Books” form, completing all the appropriate fields. If the form is not completed correctly or signed, it will be returned to the school.
  2. Please send the completed form to Purchasing. Remember to make a copy or copies of the form, so you can place on EACH item for pick up.
  3. Warehouse staff will only pick up items that are listed on the approved request form. NO EXCEPTIONS.
  4. IMPORTANT: Each building needs to clearly mark each item for surplus.
  5. All surplus items waiting for pick up MUST BE in the same location. If they are spread throughout the school, items will not be picked up.


Items to Be Surplused

  • All items with a value of over $5,000 at initial purchase.
  • Books
    • Books need to be listed individually on form. Please include title of book in item description.
    • Surplus books need to be boxed and labeled “Surplus Books.” No other information is required.
  • Shred
    • Materials to be shredded need to be marked Secure Shred.

For information about returning instructional materials, refer to the Staff Toolbox


Items that Should be Disposed at the School Site

Broken Furniture

  • Desks, chairs, coat racks, damaged white boards, bulletin boards, teacher desks, and student chairs.
  • If there is a large amount of items to be thrown away, call the Warehouse and schedule the garbage truck to assist you in disposing of your items.

Misc. Items

  • Typewriters, old stage and drama sets, microphone stands, speakers, empty binders, filmstrips, PDA’s, shredders, old gym equipment. If in doubt, please check with the Warehouse.


Available Surplus Items

Below you will find surplus items available to Northshore School District staff for district use. If you questions or would like to request an item, please email

2 Drawer File Cabinet

This file cabinet is 29" tall by 18" wide and 28.5" deep. Only one available.

3 Drawer File Cabinet

These 3 drawer file cabinets are 40" tall by 18" wide and 28.5" deep.  

Book Cases

These metal book cases are 41" high by 36" wide and 15"deep.  


We have lots and lots of books.