Forklift in the warehouse

Surplus Guidelines


Surplus ~ an amount of something left over when requirements have been met; an excess of supply over demand, more than what is needed or used; excess. Items that are not used by the building at that time

Overstock ~ supply with more of something than is necessary or required saleable product.

Surplus forms are electronic and must be completely filled out to include:

  • # of boxes and/or Quantity
  • Description
  • Serial # or barcode number
  • Condition of the surplus items. 

The Surplus form should be emailed to your Principal/Director for approval and then forwarded to Purchasing for finial approval.

All surplus must obtain Purchasing approval before it can be picked up;  a copy of the approved Surplus form must be attached to the item(s) before they can be taken to the warehouse.

All boxes taped on top & bottom to prevent spillage. No boxes to weigh in excess of 40#.  Cartons weighing in excess of 40# at the time of pick up will be left to have your building redistributed into lighter cartons and left for your next scheduled pick up.

To view pick up schedules for current 21/22 school year click HERE.

Technology Surplus

Please contact your locations STS or Technology support for all tech items needing surplussed.

Items to Be Surplused

  • All Furniture, equipment and/or materials.
  • Library Books
    • Books need to be listed on the form as Library BOOKS.  Please have the total number of boxes only. 
    • Books can be offered to students after removal from the Library Catalog and indicated on the surplus form.
  • Secure Shred is not Surplus
    • Secure materials to be shredded need to be boxed and taped, then marked Secure Shred and sent through your schools mail service. No form is needed.

For information about returning instructional materials, refer to the Staff Toolbox