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We are not accepting requests after June 19, 2020, unless your request is for a summer event. We will begin accepting requests for the 2020-21 school year on August 3, 2020

We provide pick up and delivery service across the district. We are also happy to support District and PTA events by delivering tables, chairs, stage equipment and more. Click the button below to submit a warehouse request. For information about surplus, please visit our Surplus page.

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Event Items

4x8 Platform Portable Stage Risers

One cart comes with 6 panels that are 4' X 8'. 24" tall

60" Round Mobile Table

60" Mobile Round Tables are a convenient way to provide plenty of table space, but can be easily folded and moved by just one person

6x30 Plastic Tables

Each rack has 10 tables. Should be ordered by rack or in multiples of 10.

Art Flats

10 flats per cart.  Both sides are used to display art work.  Please use straight or T pins, DO NOT use staples.

Blue Metal Chairs

40 per chairs rack.  should be ordered by rack or multiples of 40

Blue Plastic Chairs

34 chairs per rack. should be ordered by rack or in multiple of 34

Brown Metal Chairs

40 chairs per rack.  Should be ordered by rack or multiple of 40.

Choir Risers

Each rack has 6 risers that are 3 tier.

Mobile Partitions

Each partition panel uses our patented 360° rotating hinges to allow a wealth of arrangement opportunities, from "L" and "C" shapes to perfectly straight lines.

Speaking Podium
Stair Steps

2 Sets of steps included with every cart of staging ordered.

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