Transportation Options

The information on this page is for the 2018-19 school year. There may be adjustments during the summer as we prepare for the 2019-20 school year.

Based on you or your child's individual academic, personal, or extracurricular needs, we have a number of different transportation options. 

Activity Routes

Activity buses are a service that is available to student who are participating in after-school clubs, activities, 7th period and or sports. The activity routes do not have the same bus stop locations as the regular routes; 1, 2 or 3 bus routes cover the same area in the evening that a dozen bus routes regularly cover in the AM/PM and run on a skeleton/Metro style route. Bus stops are limited to insure all students are transported home in a timely manner and the cost to the schools are minimal and will have limited stops to surrounding neighborhoods. 

Students will need an Activity Bus Pass in order to take the Activity Bus home, it is the student's responsibility to obtain an Activity Bus Pass EACH DAY from their teacher/supervisor or coach for the activity they are staying after school for with their Activity Bus number and stop number filled out before arriving at the bus.

Please go to your schools individual web page to review the maps with the stops to find the closest stop to your neighborhood.

It is the parents' responsibility to select the stop closest to their residence and familiarize their child with this information in the event he/she needs to utilize after school transportation.

Please contact your school to inquire about what days activity buses run and the stops that they make.

Secondary Academy for Success (SAS)

In the AM, SAS students ride their regular high school bus and catch a shuttle to SAS. In the PM, SAS students take a shuttle to their middle school and take their service area bus home. You may use E-Link to find this information. For AM transportation, input the grade level as 9 to find the service area high school bus. Students will ride to the high school where they will catch a shuttle to SAS. Shuttles will take students from SAS to their service area middle school where they will ride their middle school bus; to find PM transportation input the grade level as 6.

Special Education

To assure your child’s safety and well-being please carefully review the operating standards and procedures for special education/preschool students’ bus stops. These procedures are necessary to help our department accommodate students who require specialized transportation with a safe, timely, and efficient ride to and from school. The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence. We understand that corner-to-corner bus service for special education and preschool students may require some extra planning by parents/guardians. We would like to provide ample time for parents/guardians to understand the policy, make necessary arrangements if needed, and communicate with Transportation should any questions arise. These operating standards and procedures are imperative for the appropriate and safe transportation of your child. If your student no longer needs specialized transportation please submit the Specialized Transportation Cancellation Form.