Special Education Transportation Information

Northshore is in the process of preparing for the 2022 - 2023 school year. (To assure your child’s safety and well-being please review the enclosed information and complete the enclosed forms; including any daycare arrangements needed for the school year). The information you provide will be kept in the strictest confidence. Please complete both sides of the enclosed forms and return to the attention of the Transportation Department at 3330 Monte Villa Parkway Bothell, WA 98021 or scan and email to transportation@nsd.org. If any of your information changes after your form has been turned in, please resubmit a new form and notify dispatch.

Please review the following operating standards for special education/preschool students’ bus stop procedures. These procedures are necessary to help accommodate students who require “specialized” transportation with a safe, timely, and efficient ride to and from school. We provide a corner-to-corner bus stop location for special education and preschool students that may require some extra planning by parents/guardians. These operating standards and procedures are imperative for the appropriate and safe transportation of your child. For a complete list of safety rules and regulations visit our website at www.nsd.org/nsdtransportation:

  • It is required to call Dispatch at (425) 408-7900 when your child will NOT be riding the bus to/from school. We would appreciate a 30-minute notice. If you call after hours or if no one is available to answer; please leave a voice message. Please do not call or leave a message with any other phone number or your driver, as the message may not reach us in time. *PLEASE NOTE: DRIVERS ARE NOT TO USE PERSONAL CELL PHONES.
  •  After three (3) separate days of attempting to pick up your child with no prior phone call stating your student will not be riding that day, you will be placed on an “on-call transportation” list. As a result, you will have to call the Transportation Department on a daily basis for continued transportation.
  • It may be necessary for the parent/guardian or parent designee to help secure their child in the car seat, safety vest, or safety belt as they load/unload the bus. Drivers may not get out of their seats while the bus motor is running, on the roadway, and/or in a parking lot with other vehicles moving.
  • It is necessary for a parent/guardian or parent designee to be available at the time your child’s school is dismissed. Due to absentees and/or road conditions of routes, their drop-off time can change from day to day.
  • The driver must see a parent/guardian or parent designee before they can leave your child at the stop. This assures your child’s safety. If he/she can be dropped at the stop without a parent/guardian or parent designee acknowledgement, we need a written note signed by the parent/guardian and given to your driver on the first day of school. For your convenience, we have included a signature line on the form. You may sign to give permission for your student to exit the bus without parent/guardian supervision. Please note SPED, Kindergarten and Preschool students are required to have a parent/guardian or parent designee present at the bus stop when they are picked up or dropped off.

You must indicate on the Transportation and Emergency Information sheet an alternative person(s) or close neighbor(s) that you have given permission to receive your child if an emergency keeps you from meeting your child. If additional persons need to be added to your emergency contact list, please submit in writing via note or a Permission to Release form (that can be found on our website). Any person designated to receive your child must have
photo I.D. with them when meeting the bus. Otherwise your child will be returned to school or the Special Education

A safe drive is dependent on communication with the driver. If there is anything that could help the driver maintain
a safe ride to and from school (medical, behavioral, special needs), please communicate this to your driver(s).

  • Please notify the Transportation Department of any change to your students’ transportation plan. Any change requires a minimum of three (3) school days for the change to be implemented. This would include changes in daycare accommodations and address changes for pick up or drop off locations. You must also notify the Special Education Department as your move may change your placement program. In addition, it is important to please notify us immediately of any phone numbers that have changed.
  • If you would like to cancel your student’s transportation, please submit a cancellation form (located on our website).
  • It is important to be at your student’s bus stop five (5) minutes before the assigned pick up time. Due to traffic, the bus will not be able to wait for three (3) minutes if you are late. Please be sure to dress your student in appropriate clothing for the weather and time of year.
  • For students whose stop location is at their residence (wheelchair, etc.), please be ready for the bus ten (10) minutes prior to and ten (10) minutes following their scheduled pick up time. Your student must be ready and waiting outside when the school bus arrives. The driver will wait no longer than three (3) minutes (as an exception, not the rule and if traffic is not impeded). If the child is not out to the bus within this time or if traffic has been impeded, drivers have been instructed to leave.
  • If your student requires a safety vest, please contact us for an appointment; students need to be fitted by August 15th. Your student will be properly fitted and a vest will be checked out to you for as long as required. Parents/Guardians are financially liable for lost or damaged vests.
  • Drivers are not allowed to honk the horn or use personal cell phones to get your attention.
  • Northshore school buses do not travel on private property.

Thank you for your understanding and support to improve the efficiency of our transportation system. Your cooperation will help us provide reliable service for all Northshore students.

If you have any questions, feel free to call us at (425) 408-7900. Thank you for your careful attention to these matters.

Your drivers will be calling in August with your student’s bussing information.