Student Safety and Conduct

Northshore School District's School Bus Rules are in accordance with Washington State WAC's and RCW's, all of which will be enforced whether or not they are included in the following regulations. These regulations are designed to assure every student has safe transportation to and from school and school-sponsored activities. The list can be found in the Rights and Responsibilities Handbook Concerning Student Conduct; violation of these rules may be sufficient reason to discontinue bus-riding privileges for the student involved, and in certain cases could cause suspension from school.

Bus Stop Safety Tips

  • Always walk never run to the bus stop. 
  • Arrive at your assigned bus stop five minutes before the bus is scheduled for pickup. While at the bus stop, wait quietly in a line at least 10-15 feet away from the road.
  • Do not run and play while waiting.
  • Do not approach the bus until the bus is completely stopped and the door is opened.
  • If crossing the street stay on your side of the roadway and wait for a signal from the driver to cross.

Bus Stop Change Process

Submit a Bus Stop Change Request Form for consideration. 

The form is submitted to the Driver Trainer for review with the following criteria:

  • Is the bus stop outside of the designated walking area?
  • Is the distance grade appropriate?
  • Bus stop location (visibility, traffic flow, etc.)
  • Number of students assigned to bus stop
  • Walking conditions to/from home/bus stop

If the Driver Trainer's believe it is warranted, a new stop will be implemented within 3 days, driver and families on the route will be notified of new stop and times for the rest of the route.

Bus Stop Change Request Form

How to appeal a denied bus stop change:

If the request has been denied there is an appeal process:

  • 1st appeal:
    • Reviewed by Driver Trainer Supervisor
  • 2nd appeal:
    • Reviewed by Transportation Manager and Transportation Operations
  • 3rd appeal:
    • Walk committee (consisting of Transportation, NSD Security, community members and jurisdictional representatives that may include traffic engineers, police, etc.) The walk committee makes their decision based on the

State Patrol Safety Inspection

Every year the Washington State Patrol does an annual and surprise inspection ensuring the proper working order, maintenance and safety of our school buses. Our Maintenance Shop continually passes each inspection. Congratulations on a job well done!

Transportation workers standing in front of a bus


Additional Safety Information

National Center for Safe Routes to School

National Safety Council

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

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