My Stop App

The My Stop application provides you with an estimated time of arrival for your student's school bus.

We are using a new My Stop application for bus route information. We anticipate that it will work as expected, but if you experience any issues please email


It is possible that your bus could arrive at the stop before the estimated arrival time because of the time it takes the system to refresh. Please arrive at your bus stop at least five minutes before the scheduled time. Find your stop location and times on the Bus Stop Information page.


Download the My Stop App

Apple App Store Google Play Store 

When you open the app for the first time, follow the instructions and select Northshore School District


How to Log In

All information is transmitted securely and protected. No data is provided without proper credentials being provided.

  1. Enter your student’s ID number in the username field
  2. Enter your student’s date of birth in the password field. Use the mmddyyyy format with no slashes. For example: if your student was born on Jan. 1, 2017, your password would be 01012017
  3. If you have more than one student, their names will appear in a drop down list in the top left corner. To view a different child's bus information, tap the current name and select them from the list.

NOTE: We recommend keeping the default password.


Frequently Asked Questions


Message Descriptions

You may see the follow messages when using the My Stop app. Click to learn what each one means.



For questions regarding the My Stop application, email