Kindergarten Information

Dear Kindergarten Families,

We are excited to welcome your Kindergartener to the first day of school. School bell times may change each year. Please check your school’s website for start and end times.

If your student will be riding the school bus, we want to share some important information with you.

  • ·         Please double-check your student’s bus information in E-Link the day before school begins in the event changes have been made.
  • ·         A parent or pre-authorized person must be at the bus stop, or the driver will keep your student on the bus and take them back to their home school.
  • ·       All Kindergartners that are riding the bus must have 2023-2024 Kindergarten Release Form on file. If you are not able to fill out this Google Doc, drivers will have some one hand, please ask for a form in the morning and turn it back into the driver that afternoon.
  • ·         Parents or authorized persons meeting the bus are encouraged to bring photo ID with them to the bus stop in the afternoon the 1st week of school.  Our drivers will be able to then familiarize themselves with each parent of authorized persons meeting your kindergartener. 
  • ·         Familiarize your student with the number and picture of the bus they will be riding. A list of bus numbers and associated pictures is available on the Transportation website.
  • ·         Kindergarteners need to wear the informational tag with their bus assignment the first three weeks of school, and then kept in their backpacks for the remainder of the school year. Please confirm the afternoon drop of location (daycare) is correct. Otherwise, their assigned stop will be their home address.
  • ·         Kindergarteners only will be assigned to seats in the front of the bus and have a bus tag in a specific color that will designate their bus stop attached to their backpack. Please leave this tag on for the year.
  • ·         Buses may be running a little late as drivers and families get familiar with their routes and bus stops. We appreciate your patience.

Please remember to drive with caution and observe the speed limit in school zones and as you drive through neighborhoods. Also, if you need a refresher on when to stop for flashing school bus lights, visit the Transportation FAQ webpage.

This is an exciting time for our newest learners. Your bus driver is eagerly awaiting the arrival of your student and are working to provide a positive Kindergarten experience for each student.

We look forward to seeing your Kindergartener on the first day of school.


Northshore Transportation