The side of school bus that reads Northshore School District No. 417

Northshore School District's 150 drivers proudly transport 17,000 students to and from school on a daily basis. Transportation covers approximately 1.5 million miles in buses and 150,000 miles in cars and vans each year.

Bus Stops

Students who live more than one mile from school are eligible for school bus transportation based on state law. Some students who live closer than the state-defined distances may still be eligible if the walk path to school is deemed hazardous by the district.

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Bus Passes

A bus pass is required if you want to ride a bus that is not your assigned bus (for example, riding a bus home with your friend). Please be advised that bus passes are not approved for the first month and a half of school. We need time to properly assess available seats. 

Load counts on buses can not be assessed until all eligible riders have had the opportunity to ride their bus. Due to enrollment increases and the start of some programs, it is necessary to wait to evaluate available seats.

Starting mid-October you can contact your school about available daily bus passes. If your school indicates there is room, supply the school office with a parent-signed note with the following information:

  • Name of school
  • Date pass is to be effective
  • Bus number
  • First and last name of the student
  • Address of where the student is disembarking the bus (established stop)
  • Indicate duration (today only, or a specific period of dates)
  • Parent signature

Open dated passes are not allowed. The pass will be issued by the office and must be handed to the driver when boarding the bus.


Transportation Contacts

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Lost Items

School Bus drivers check the bus for lost items after every school. Occasionally, items are kept aboard the bus for return to the owner that afternoon or the next school day. If an item is not claimed, it is turned in to the school office. Items are not kept at the Transportation Department. If you have a question about lost and found items, please check with your driver or school office.