Instructional Technology

"If we teach today as we did yesterday, we rob our children of tomorrow"  - John Dewey

The Northshore School District's iTech team seeks to provide faculty and staff with the necessary services, systems, devices, and trainings in order to improve teaching, research, scholarship, and learning. We collaborate with faculty to find innovative, technological solutions which engage students and expand their scope of learning.

Our team includes 4 Instructional Technology Coordinators, assigned by pathway, who: 

  • Work 1 on 1, in small groups, and with whole staff groups to learn best practices for technology integration
  • Design and deliver district-wide professional development on a wide-range of devices and services
  • Support teachers and students as they leverage technology tools to differentiate and extend learning opportunities
  • Guide and support the advancement of innovative teaching and learning technologies throughout the Northshore School District

 Instructional Technology Toolbox

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Assistant Director for Instructional Technology and Library Services
Shelby Reynolds

Instructional Technology Coordinators

West Region Schools
Maddie Oakley

North Region Schools
Josh Emond

South Region Schools
Gavin Molitor

East Region Schools
Peter Connors