Instructional Technology Leadership Committee

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Adapted from the 2016-2019 NSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement

Changes in technology, the introduction of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD), and the variety of devices available at all schools require that this Committee facilitate the implementation of these digital resources by engaging in an ongoing process to develop, implement, and communicate technology-infused strategic plans aligned with a shared vision.

Instructional technology includes the technological resources and professional development to meet and exceed student-learning goals, to support effective instructional practice, and maximize performance of school employees and district learners.  Instructional technology enables staff to effectively use their time; access information and curricula; enter and utilize student data; communicate with other staff, students, and parents.

Major Duties

The Committee is tasked with the following major duties:


Develop two-way communication and reporting mechanisms for current and future instructional technology initiatives.  This communication is intended to generate ideas, input, feedback, and opinions of staff.


Identify, define, prioritize, and select instructional technology integration projects to address the needs described above that are supportive of district goals, performance measures, and instructional priorities.  Technology may include, but not be limited to, software and hardware such as computing devices, instructional presentation technologies, phones, productivity software, online grading and report card system(s), web pages for staff, schools and departments, online IEP systems, student learning technology, and other forms that have not yet been developed or identified that address these needs.  Technology that is unrelated to instruction, such as District administrative software, shall not be part of the committee’s jurisdiction.


Assist in the review of project proposals to ensure they meet needs described above and align with and are supportive of district goals, performance measures, and instructional priorities.


Serve as clearinghouse and forum for the discussions and challenges and issues related to instructional technology initiatives, including implementation.


Act as an oversight committee for projects and/or work that may be planning and carried out in subcommittees.


Remain informed of emerging instructional technology issues, capabilities, and tools and incorporate those, as appropriate into a dynamic instructional technology vision.


Propose instructional technology projects and initiatives to TAC for upcoming capital levy and bond measures.  The recommendations shall be specific, unless the committee agrees that specificity is not useful.


Report to Labor Management, CMAC, STSs, and Administration.

Professional Development

Develop plans for the District’s Technology Professional Development Programs.

Other Duties

Other duties that serve the purpose described above.

Agendas and Minutes

2017-18 Agendas & Minutes

Agendas and Minutes for the 2017-18 School-year will be posted here as they are developed and approved by the committee.

Future Meetings: iTLC 2017-18 meetings will occur from 4-6pm on the first Thursday of each month.



Certificated Teaching Staff (TRTs):

  1. Marjie White: Co-chair (Teacher Librarian/Northshore JH) 
  2. Latisha Joseph (Librarian/Woodmoor EL) 
  3. Casey Klinich (Special Education/Cottage Lake EL)
  4. Tamra Erickson (1st Grade/East Ridge)
  5. Tim Rhoades (5th Grade/Crystal Springs EL)
  7. Lindsey Richards (Social Studies/Inglemoor HS) 

Building Administrators:

  1. Joel Fagundes (Assistant Principal/Kokanee) 
  2. Jen Hernandez (Assistant Principal/Kenmore MS)
  3. Rick Ferrell (Assistant Principal/North Creek High School)
  4. Matt Wallace (Assistant Principal, Woodinville High School)
  5. Jen Welch (Principal, Cottage Lake EL)
  6. Brandi Doyle (Assistant Principal, Skyview MS)
  7. Ebony Harvey (Principal, Woodmoor EL)

Technology Representatives:

  1. Shelby Reynolds: Co-chair (Manager for Instructional Technology and Library Services)
  2. Allen Miedema (Director of Technology)

At-Large Representatives Appointed by NSEA/NESPA:

  1. Nancy Celms (STS/Sunrise)
  2. Nancy Nygren (STS/North Creek High School)

At-Large Members appointed by the Superintendent or Designee:

Duggan Harman (Deputy Superintendent) 

Non-Voting, Ex Officio Members:

Josh Emond: Secretary (Instructional Technology Coordinator)




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