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The Technology Department supports the district’s mission of “Strengthening our Community Through Excellence in Education,” by supporting school board district goals to achieve student success and by maximizing and prioritizing resources for instruction.

We have 4 teams within Technology that support our staff and families: Information Systems, User Services, Network Operations, and Instructional Technology.

In Classrooms

In Northshore, it is important that our infrastructure and our integration of classroom practices work hand in hand. User Services, Information Services, and Network Operations Team members implement, support and maintain the infrastructure, network, systems, software and computers that enable teaching and learning. The Instructional Technology Team works to help teachers learn to effectively use digital resources, content and technology tools for teaching and learning. Together, our teams provide teachers the tools and training needed to connect technology with learning.

In the classroom, you can expect to find the following equipment:

  • Teacher computer
  • Projector and interactive whiteboard
  • Flat panel and teacher tablet
  • Document camera
  • Sound amplification system with microphones for teacher and students

Our schools have a better than 3:1 ratio of computing devices, comprised of a mixture of Mac, Chrome, and iPad devices.  Distribution of these resources is a school based decision.  

In the 2018-2022 Levy cycle, we plan to implement a 1:1 computing device model so that each student has access to a device when and where they need it, according to instructional goals.

Network Resources and BYOD

Northshore provides public WiFi for all students, staff, and visitors.  Use of these resources must comply with our district's Responsible Use Procedure, 2022P.  Read the Responsible Use Procedure (RUP) by visiting

In 2016, Northshore began implementing a "Bring Your Own Device" policy, where students can, at the teacher's discretion, use a personal device to complete learning-related activities in the classroom.  The use of a personal device is subject to the NSD RUP and should be used only with teacher or administrator approval and guidance.  The extent to which BYOD is used is a school-based and teacher-based decision.

Digital Citizenship

Under the Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) , the District is required to filter Internet access and to teach online safety.  The District takes student safety and privacy very seriously and makes every effort to supervise and monitor student technology use.  We use Internet filtering software to block access to content that is obscene, pornographic, or harmful to minors. We provide instruction to all students in the area of Digital Citizenship through use of District-approved curriculum from Common Sense Media

Read more by visiting our page on Digital Citizenship.

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