Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral To services (SBIRT)

The Northshore School District has a long-standing commitment to student health and wellness. As a district we are dedicated to equity, safety, families, building on the strengths of students, providing support, and addressing the needs of the whole child. We will be screening students this school year through an opt-out model.

Screening, Brief Intervention and Referral To services (SBIRT), is a beneficial care model that will be used to more effectively identify and address the needs of middle school students through the use of a survey tool called Check Yourself. Your students participation is completely voluntary and students also have the option to decline the survey, at any time.

“Check Yourself” is a survey platform for students to share about their experience(s). The survey is a self-assessment of strengths and goals; substance use; mental health; and personal safety. It is an interactive survey that removes the barriers associated with addressing challenges and normalizes dialogue regarding health. Students will be educated on the purpose of SBIRT and understand a counselor may meet with them to review survey answers and provide personalized support(s). 


If you would not like for your student to participate in SBIRT, you may fill out the opt-out form or connect with an SBIRT specialist.

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Families may review the Check Yourself questions by taking a test screener. Your answers will not be saved. Use 123456 as your ID number.

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Maya Gutenkauf
SBIRT Specialist