Staff Script

Secondary Staff Script

Today, I have been asked to speak to you about an issue that can cause a variety of emotions.  Most recently as many of you know there was a school shooting in a Seattle Public  Schools high school.  I understand that this can cause most students to feel scared, nervous and anxious.  What we need to remember is that our schools are overwhelmingly safe places. 

One of the reasons our school is a safe place is because students are often the eyes and ears of the school that help identify a potential issue before it happens. For example, telling a trusted adult or reporting to the Safe Schools line if you hear a peer talking about “bringing a gun to school” or if someone threatens to “shoot up the school.”  Please continue sharing social media posts of students with guns or with posts that seem dangerous in nature. This is very important information for adults to know immediately, so we can investigate and stop a potential tragic event.

What can be more challenging with this situation is that sometimes students say things that they don’t really mean either because they are angry, want to be shocking or because they feel that it is funny.  Please remember that the School District takes safety and security of its students and staff very seriously. 

If a student is talking or posting about harming either a person or the school in general, using guns or other weapons in a violent way or any other violent threats, it can lead to serious consequences.  The district will investigate all threats and responding that “you were joking” or “I thought it was funny” will not be an acceptable reason.

I also understand that being a young person can be hard, especially these last couple years.

If you need additional support because you are having difficulties with another student or feeling angry or sad, please talk to a trusted adult or your counselor. 

If you aren’t comfortable talking to an adult here at school, you or a family member can always use the District’s anonymous tip line for non-emergency issues by contacting: