Staff Script

Elementary Staff Script

We’re going to talk about something that might be a little uncomfortable. You may have heard stories about gun violence on the news and that might make you feel anxious or worried.

Even though we might hear stories in the news, you are very safe at (school name). One of the reasons that school is safe is because students report to adults when they hear something scary. Sometimes friends and classmates might hear or know of a threat involving weapons from another student. If you hear someone talking about bringing a weapon, knife or gun to school, or someone who is threatening to use a weapon against others it is important to tell an adult immediately.

We know we ask you to solve small problems on your own, but a gun or shooting threat is one of those problems you should not deal with on your own. It is very serious, and you need to tell an adult right away. The adults in our school are here to help protect you and you can help them by always sharing when you feel unsafe.

Threats to physically hurt another person, bring a weapon to school, or use a gun are never okay. Not before, during, or after school, or online. Every threat will be taken very seriously. If you are having problems with another student or you are feeling anxious or angry, please talk to an adult that you trust. You can talk to me, the other teachers in class, or (principal(s) name, counselor name). We are all here to support you.

Sometimes students say things that they don’t really mean - either because they are angry, they had their feelings hurt, or because they think it would be funny. 

EVEN If you think it’s said jokingly, or they don’t really mean it you need to tell an adult.

If you aren’t comfortable talking to an adult here at school, you or your family can call 911 or use the District’s anonymous tip line for non-emergency issues by contacting:  

If you think there is danger, you or your parents need to call 911.