Group picture of Northshore counselors

School counselors are certified educators who are uniquely trained to equitably support success for ALL students. They help all students in the areas of academic achievement, career exploration and preparation, and social-emotional development, ensuring today's students become the productive, well-adjusted adults of tomorrow. ‚Äč School counselors' duties are focused on the overall delivery of the total program through school counseling core curriculum, individual student planning, and responsive services. A small amount of their time is devoted to indirect services related to system support.

Below is an alphabetical list of our Northshore School District Counselors and Career and College Readiness Specialists.

Counselor Name Email Location
Jerry Abraham Westhill Elem
Jim Allen Inglemoor HS
Jennifer Anderson Woodin Elem
Hayley Azadmanesh Hollywood Hill Elem
Taryn Bakkane Leota MS
Charlene Beam North Creek HS
Lorie Bettelyoun Kenmore Middle
Devin Blanchard Inglemoor HS
Heatherjoy Boi SAS
Jenny Booth Skyview Middle
Sarah Brenner Woodinville HS
Jennifer Brisbane Fernwood Elem
Zina Card Woodmoor Elem
Lisa Carson Bothell HS
Scott Churchill Woodinville HS
Jon Cohn Innovation Lab HS
Aaron Cokley Ruby Bridges Elem
Lettie Couch Bothell HS
Katie Courture East Ridge Elem
Sarah Cue Fernwood Elem
BJ Dawson Bothell HS
Jeanette DeLalla Canyon Creek Elem
Jeff Dennis North Creek HS
Nicole Devoe Sunrise Elem
Lindsay Eckle Bothell HS
Rob Felton Bothell HS
Deanna Fischer Wellington Elem
Dierdre Flaherty Timbercrest MS
Kayla Francisco-Cristman North Creek HS
Tiffany Frane North Creek HS
Karen Friesen Canyon Park MS
Estela Gerlinger Moorlands Elem
Joan Gonda Arrowhead Elem
Nate Hirsch Woodinville HS
Di-Linh Hoang Skyview MS
Kapala Hoge Leota MS
Jenna Kabat Wellington Elem.
Kate Kanin North Creek HS
James Kim Leota MS
Joe Kim Lockwood Elem
Mary Kraft Shelton View Elem
Ruth Krochmalny Inglemoor HS
Dawn Lamance North Creek HS
Kat Lamb Woodinville HS
David Lammers Crystal Springs Elem
Kendra Lowe Northshore MS
Ann McGowan Timbercrest MS
Elizabeth Methot Canyon Park MS
Jimmy Nam Maywood Hills Elem
Paul Narancic Canyon Park MS
Sophie Nelson Kokanee Elem
Samantha Nunes Kenmore Elem
Kristie Olsen Northshore MS
Jennifer Orhuozee Inglemoor HS
Christie Pak Cottage Lake Elem
Kelsey Plummer Inglemoor HS
Michael Rhyne Timbercrest MS
Jim Sanders Bothell HS
Michael Sauer Kenmore MS
Tracy Schellberg Bear Creek Campus (Elem)
Gini Scott Skyview MS
Linda Springsteen Canyon Creek Elem
Chase Stevens Northshore MS
Amy Strandy Woodinville HS
My Tang Woodinville HS
Loni Tighe Inglemoor HS
Kevin Tjoelker Skyview MS
Lizzie Ward Canyon Park MS
Heather Warme-Stead Kenmore MS
Sherry Weber Frank Love Elem
Cameron Whitney Bear Creek Campus (Secondary)
Danielle Yamada Bothell HS
Yuchen Zhang North Creek HS