Special Services

Skate Park by Cristian, 8th Grade, Northshore Middle School

Welcome to Northshore where all children are special and where we believe in the potential of every student. Children develop and learn at different rates. Some have difficulty learning to read and write and need the assistance of a special education program. Others learn more easily and require program enhancements or a more challenging curriculum. Northshore offers a wide variety of specially designed programs to meet the unique needs of your child.

Special Services Beliefs:

  • Special services is an integral part of the total educational system.
  • All students learn when provided:
    • guaranteed, viable curriculum employing formative and summative assessments
    • tiered supports
    • rigorous and relevant instruction incorporating proven best practices
    • highly qualified staff who are supported by targeted professional development
  • Students should be active participants in their learning.
  • Students must be taught the necessary skills to become life-long learners and productive citizens.
  • Resources should be equitably allocated.
  • The provision of a continuum of services should be respectful, age appropriate, general curriculum accessible and conducive to learning in neighborhood schools.
  • Students are successful when parents, educators, administrators, and community members invest in each student, value one another’s contributions, and collaborate to provide a quality education.

The Northshore School District will make every effort to provide accessibility to events, meetings, and programs to individuals with disabilities. Please contact the building principal where the activity is occurring or Becky Anderson, ADA officer, at 425.408.7708, to request special accommodations.


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