Absence Reporting

Northshore School District uses Frontline for NSEA, ESP, and NEOPA employees to record their absences. 

Below you will find information on how to record your absence, the absence codes that you should use, and helpful tips and links.

For leaves of absence more than 10 days, you will need to complete a leave of absence form and be approved by Human Resources. When you have been approved, you should then pre-arrange your substitute and email the Sub Office with dates and desired sub.

Reporting an Absence

Reporting An Absence

With Frontline, there are two ways to enter your absences. 

You can enter them using the automated Frontline phone system 1-800-942-3767 or you can enter them through the Frontline Website or by clicking on the logo below:

Frontline Education Login


Accessing Frontline 

To access their system, you'll need your Frontline ID number which is 000 + your five-digit NSD Employee ID.

For example, if your Employee ID is 12345, then your Frontline ID is 00012345. Your Frontline PIN was emailed to your NSD email account. If you forgot your PIN, please contact either your school's Office Manager or the Substitute Office for assistance.

Please note that once you log onto Frontline you will have access to additional training documentation as well as the ability to watch short online training videos on your computer screen.

Helpful Tips and Links

Please verify that the date(s) and the times of your absence have been entered correctly.

If you are pre-arranging with a particular Substitute who has already agreed to cover for you, please make sure that you assign the Substitute to your job in Frontline. If you forget, the system will begin looking for a qualified Substitute, and we may have two people showing up to fill the absence - the one the system contacted and the one you verbally arranged with to take the job.

If you need to change a reason code for an upcoming absence, you now have the ability to this yourself in Frontline. Please do NOT cancel the job and re-create a new one as this causes issues.

If you are going on an extended leave, you may have to select a teacher that is properly endorsed, depending on your grade level, subject and school and the length of your leave. Please contact the Substitute Office so the correct match can be made.

You now have the ability to identify preferred substitutes and you can add them to your "preferred" list. You can also exclude a Substitute from taking your jobs.

If your hours, position or location are incorrect in Frontline, please call the Substitute Office and let us know as soon as possible.

Helpful Links 

Employee Quickstart Guide 

Employee Web Basic Training (Video) 

Setting up Preferred Substitute List (Video) 

Creating an Absence as a Multi-School Employee 

Absence Codes

Please refer to your CBA for definitions of reason codes.

Top Reason Codes include:

  • 01 Illness
  • 02 Emergency
  • 03 Personal
  • 04 Bereavement-please note in the Admin Note field who has passed away when creating the absence
  • 05 Jury Duty-send copy of jury summons to Sub Office via intra-district mail
  • 06 Unpaid- Leave of Absence Application needs to be completed and signed by building principal and then sent to Sub Office

All Absence Codes

Code Absence Reason Code Absence Reason


Illness 70 Math CCSS T2
02 Emergency 73 Elem Report Card
03 Personal 74 Student Services
04 Bereavement 75 Theme Reader
05 Civic Duty 77 TRT/Instruct Tech
06 Unpaid 78 IB Testing
07 Class Release/Vac 79 Elem Testing/IRR
08 IME (Auth. Req'd) 80 Title I School
09 Religious Observ 81 Title III/ELL Federal
11 Additional Admin 82 TBIP/ELL State
12 Advanced Placement 83 Library/Dist Work
13 Fill In For Staff 85 Sec AP/IB Title II
14 ASB Reimbursement 87 Science PD
15 Assessment Trg 88 Science T2
16 Building Inserv 89 SS CCSS T2
17 Deployment 92 Extra/Peak Hours
18 Camp Cedar Spring 93 Elem Sp Ed PD
19 CMAC (Dunham) 94 Sec Sp Ed PD
20 C&CR (CTE) 99 Social Studies
21 TPEP Release 105 (Web only) Guidance Team
22 New Tchr Release 110 (Web only) PBIS
23 Pooled Hrs/IRR 114 (Web only) ELPA21 Testing
24 Security Review 115 (Web only) HiCap PD-BE
25 Transfer 116 (Web only) HiCap Basic Ed
26 Student Info System 117 (Web only) WEB/LINK Trg
27 CMS Migration 118 (Web only) Advisory Team
28 O'Keefe Reconfig 119 (Web only) PBIS School Based
32 NCHS 120 (Web only) SpEd Promotion
35 SDLT Training 121 (Web only) SpEd Adv Team
36 Dept Head 122 (Web only) HiCAp PD
37 District Mentors PD 123 (Web only) HiCAp Title II
38 Edu Ldrship Intrn 125 (Web only) ELA 6-12 TII
39 Elem Ed (Wellington) 126 (Web only) Sec World Lang
40 Elem Libr Release 127 (Web only) Sec Visual Arts
43 Hale 128 (Web only) HiCap-NSF
45 Health/Fit Trg 129 (Web only) ELA K-5 PD
46 HR PIP (Hale) 130 (Web only) 6th Gr Challen T2
47 IB/IHS 131 (Web only) FDK-WaKIDS
48 Elm IEP 19.7/20.8 132 (Web only) Prin/Tchr Ldr Title II
49 Sec IEP 19.7/20.8 133 (Web only) Strategic Plan
50 Inst Tec 2014-18 135 (Web only) Smarter Balance
52 Inst Strat T2 136 (Web only) Mddle Sch T2-Dist
53 Music 137 (Web only) Health/Fit TII
54 LAP-District 138 (Web only) ELA K-5 TII
55 Math PD 139 (Web only) Sec Trans-School
56 NSEA-Reimbursed 140 (Web only) LAP-School
57 Elm Open Position 141 (Web only) Title I-District
58 SEC Open Position 144 (Web only) Trans Suppt PD
59 OT/PT/Psy/SLP No Sub 145 (Web only) PD Tech
60 Elem Overload 147 (Web only) Restorative Just
61 Sec Overload 148 (Web only) DWellington Transition
62 Post Season Play 149 (Web only) HMiller Transition
63 Princ Discr Fund 150 (Web only) SJH/CC Construction
64 Reimbursement 151 (Web only) Military Leave
68 Secondary Ed (Miller)    
69 ELA 6-12 PD    

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