Medical Plans

Our plans offer a choice between "managed care" programs and "preferred" coverage which allows a greater choice of doctors and services, but, at a higher, out-of-pocket cost. Eligible employees may choose between medical plans within 30 days of their eligibility date and during Open Enrollment.

If you need help with your plan decision, a medical insurance claim, or have a medical insurance question, you can contact the Benefit Resource Center at 1-866-468-7272 or by email at This service is provided by the district's insurance broker, Kibble & Prentice.

Regence Blue Shield

Regence Blue Shield administers four plans, the Choice, Standard, Value and High Deductible Plans. Benefits are self-insured by the Northshore School District. We contract with Regence to provide administrative services for these plans. You can find a list of providers at

Regence Plan Summaries:
Express Scripts

Express Scripts is our Pharmacy Benefit Manager for Regence Members.  Here are a few important reminders:

Express Scripts (ESI), Customer Service: 1-866-823-5178

Kaiser Permanente

Kaiser Permanente is one of the nations original "Health Maintenance Organizations (HMO)". It is a staff model cooperative, (consumer board governed) with over 1,100 primary care physicians delivering care to approximately 600,000 members in the Pacific Northwest.

Kaiser provides 100% of most health care with a co-payment for most benefits. Preventive care is covered and encouraged. Services must be provided or authorized by Kaiser staff to be covered.