Employee Assistance Program (EAP)

Far West Family Services Employee Assistance Program

This year we will be seeing big changes in our employee benefits package. The one thing that is not changing is our EAP. The Far West Family Services plan remains the same because we contract with Far West directly and not through the state. However, the number of sessions provided through the EAP for the 2019-20 school year will now be four (4).

The EAP plan year starts September 1st and runs through August 31st. There are no co-pays or deductibles in the EAP program. All costs are covered by the district.

Counseling services are available for (but not limited to):

  • Marital, relationship and family issues; couples and family counseling.
  • Parent/child concerns: children, teenagers, young adults: depression, anxiety, school problems, adjustment etc.
  • Addictive behaviors: such as alcohol and drug dependence/abuse, gambling, and computer/ Internet addictions, and pornography.
  • Individual distress: due to transitions, anxiety, depression, family of origin, domestic violence, sexual assault, workplace stress, illness or grief.
  • StressLine: 24 hour access to professional assistance and support by phone. 

Who is eligible for services?

  • You (the employee) and your:
  • Spouse, partner, fiance
  • Dependent children, stepchildren, foster children, and grandchildren in your legal custody who are age 24 and under.

Mental Health Education Resources: www.helpguide.org

HelpGuide is an excellent resource for mental health educational information. The website is a collaboration between two mental health therapists and Harvard Health Publications, the consumer health publishing division of Harvard Medical School. This is information you can trust.

For more information, download a one-page information sheet here.

Go to www.farwestfamilyservices.com

Call FarWest to get started on your counseling services or to reach the StressLine:

206-682-8149 or 800-398-3440

Please call Human Resources at 425-408-7601 if you'd like a copy of the EAP brochure. You can also view or download a summary by clicking here.