Dental, Vision and Hearing Plans

Dental Coverage

Eligible employees can choose between MetLife Dental Plan or Willamette Dental Plan for their family. Coverage in a dental plan is a mandatory benefit, paid for by the school district.

If an employee does not select an insurance carrier within their first 30 days of eligibility, they will automatically be enrolled in the Metlife Dental Plan. Changes in the election of a dental plan can only be made during Open Enrollment, November 1st through November 30th.

Which Plan is best for you? Compare them by viewing the Plan Summaries below:

2018 Metlife Dental Plan Summary

2018 Willamette Dental Plan Summary

Vision and Hearing Coverage

The Northshore School District's Vision and Hearing Aid Hardware Plan is self-insured by the District to assist in the cost of vision hardware (frames, lenses, contact lenses) or hearing aids. This is a mandatory benefit, paid for by the district.

If an employee does not enroll at Employee Online within 30 days of eligibility, they will be enrolled automatically. Claims are processed by Ameritas.

The vision hardware benefit provides for:

  • frames once every 24 months, up to $150
  • lenses once every 12 months for single vision at $77
  • bi-focal at $116
  • tri-focal at $169
  • lenticular at $186
  • Contact lenses in lieu of frames/lenses, are provided once every 12 months, up to $150
  • Certain refractive corrective surgery is provided up to a lifetime maximum of $500 per person
  • Eye exams are covered under your medical insurance coverage
Hearing Aid Coverage provides for: 
  • Hearing devices once each 24 months up to $1,500
  • An audiologic examination and hearing evaluation may be included in conjunction with the purchase of a hearing aid

Prices can vary considerably for similar equipment from provider to provider so it is advised that participants compare costs prior to purchase. 


MetLife Dental Plan
Customer Service
PO Box 981282
El Paso, TX 79998-1282
Plan Number:  174616
Network: PDP Plus
Fax Claims: (859) 389-6505, Attn: Claims
Willamette Dental Plan
Group Number: W417
Appointment Scheduling
Monday through Thursday 7am to 8pm and Friday, 7am to 6pm
Customer Service
Monday through Friday 8am to 5pm
Ameritas Group
Customer Service

Monday through Thursday 6am to 11pm

Northshore Policy Number: 010-301708

Vision Claim Form

Hearing Claim Form