Additional Benefits

  Dependent Care Assistance Program (DCAP)

This plan allows you to set aside pretax money from your paycheck to help pay for qualifying child care or elder care expenses.

Medical Flexible Spending Arrangement (FSA)

This plan allows you to set aside pretax money from your paycheck to pay for out of pocket health care costs.

Life Insurance and Accidental Death and Dismemberment (AD&D)

The basic life insurance plan, provided at no cost to you, provides $35,000 for death from any cause and up to $5,000 in case of accidental death or dismemberment (AD&D). You have the option to purchase up to $1,000,000 of supplemental life insurance coverage and $250,000 of supplemental AD&D for yourself and $500,000 in life insurance and $250,000 of AD&D coverage for your spouse or state-registered domestic partner.  View more information at the MetLife website.

Long Term Disability (LTD) Insurance

LTD insurance helps protect you from the financial risk of lost earnings due to serious injury or illness. When you enroll in LTD coverage, it pays a percentage of your monthly earnings to you if you become disabled. The basic LTD insurance, provided at no cost to you, provides a maximum benefit of $400 per month. You can purchase supplemental LTD which provides 60 percent of your salary (to a maximum of $10,000). More information and the LTD Claim Packet can be found at the Standard website.

SEBB Long Term Disability (LTD) Benefit

Starting January 1, 2022, the SEBB Program will automatically enroll all SEBB-eligible employees in an Employee-paid 60% LTD plan, if not already enrolled.

You can print and complete the LTD Enrollment/Change Form if you'd like to reduce or decline this supplemental LTD coverage.

HomeStreet Bank's Hometown Home Loan Program

Northshore partnered with HomeStreet Bank in March 2002 to offer The Home Town Home Loan Program, an employer-assisted housing program, to all Northshore School District employees. The Hometown Home Loan Program offers a wide selection of home loan options whether you are buying your first home, refinancing or remodeling your existing home.

Home Town Home Loan Benefits Include:

  • Reduced Loan Origination Fee & Other Closing Cost Savings
  • Realtor Contributions
  • Expert Service
  • Convenient Hours
  • Free Homebuyer Education

Northshore School District Home Buying Benefits: As an employee, you are eligible for exclusive home buying benefits ONLY through Affinity Lending at HomeStreet Bank. You now have access to pre-negotiated discounts on the loan amount and on Realtor commissions, as well as access to thousands of dollars in down payment assistance. To learn more about your home buying benefits, please call 206-628-0207 or 888-425-6990 or visit IMPORTANT: Discounts are not available through HomeStreet Bank Branches.

Go to the HomeStreet Bank Webpage for the Home Town Home Loan Program for more information. Here you will also find the schedule for many upcoming informative webcasts.

Credit Unions

The Northshore School District works with two credit unions. The credit unions provide many services including discounted loan rates, competitive investment rates, seminars, and more. 

If you set up an accounts with a credit union, you can have a portion or all of your paycheck directly deposited into your account. This is helpful when you have a loan with the credit union or if you just want to tuck some money away but don't want to think about it every month. 

Go to or to learn more!

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