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Change 2021 Medical FSA & DCAP Elections With No Qualifying Event!

If you enrolled in a Medical FSA or DCAP for 2021, you can change your elections without a qualifying event.  (Normally, you would need to have a life event, like a job change, birth or marriage, to make these changes midyear.) This opportunity will be available three times this year: in March, June and September, 2021.


To make an election change, employees must submit the SEBB Change In Status Form during these months. Payroll deduction changes are effective the following month.

  • Changes submitted in March are effective in April.
  • Changes submitted in June are effective in July.
  • Changes submitted in September are effective in October.

This opportunity only allows employees to change their 2021 annual elections. They cannot make any other changes, like enrolling in Medical FSA or DCAP, without a qualifying event.


Normal election minimums and maximums still apply. You can only lower your election to the amount you have already contributed or claimed for the year. For example, if you elected $2,000 for your Medical FSA, and have already contributed or claimed $400, you can lower your election only to the $400 or more.


You can now increase your 2021 DCAP election to the new, temporary maximum of $10,500 for a single person, or married couple filing jointly (or $5,250 for married couples filing separately).


You can log in and view your current FSA or DCAP account at the Navia Benefits Webpage. To make a change to your election amount, complete the 2021 Change In Status Form. Return the completed change form to the Northshore Benefits Office between the dates of June 1, 2021 and June 30, 2021, via fax (425-408-7625), email (, or by mail: 3330 Monte Villa Parkway, Bothell, WA 98021.


Any changes you make are effective on July 1, 2021.


New Employees

Newly-eligible employees have 31 days from their start date to enroll in the various benefit plans. If an employee does not enroll within 31 days of eligibility, the next available time to make changes or enroll dependents will be during the yearly Open Enrollment. Some benefits may have eligibility requirements that must be met in order to participate if enrollment was not completed during the first 31 days of eligibility. 

SEBB Enrollment Instructions - click here to view

If you do not enroll or waive your enrollment in SEBB medical during your first 31 days of employment, you will be enrolled by default as a single subscriber in UMP Achieve 1 (for medical), Uniform Dental Plan, MetLife Vision Plan, Basic Life and AD&D Insurance, and Basic Long Term Disability Insurance. Your dependents will not be enrolled. You will be charged a monthly $33 premium for medical coverage as well as a $25 per account monthly tobacco use premium surcharge.

If you are enrolled by default, you cannot change plans or enroll your eligible dependents until the next annual open enrollment, unless you have a special open enrollment event that allows the change.

2021 SEBB Enrollment Guide

Virtual Benefits Fair

Ask Alex - Online Benefits Advisor

SEBB My Account

Special Open Enrollment

Certain events let you make account changes (like changing plans or enrolling a dependent) outside of annual open enrollment. You must provide proof of the event that created the special open enrollment (for example, a marriage or birth certificate) along with the required enrollment/change forms to SEBB My Account, or the Benefits Office, no later than 60 days after the event.

Workers Compensation Insurance
All employees are automatically covered by workers' compensation. Medical expenses and time loss benefits are paid for injuries incurred on the job with doctor's authorization. The Northshore School District is a self-insured employer. Eberle Vivian Inc. serves as the District's Claims Administrator, and processes all claims. Make sure you report any on-the-job injuries to your school nurse or supervisor immediately, even if you are NOT going to seek professional medical care. For information and forms, please email Dianne Smith at or call her at 425-408-7612.


Employee Online 

Employee Online is a self-service module available to all district employees providing various personnel and payroll information. We can view and/or update the following:
  • View Current Position Information
  • Make Address changes
  • View & Print Pay Check Stubs
  • View W2 Forms
  • View/Update W4 Withholding Information
  • View Leave Balances 
If you are a new employee, an email will be sent with your login username information. Follow these instructions on how to create an account or recover your password. If you are still having trouble logging in, contact the Technology Help Desk.

Update Personal Contact Information in EO

Please use Employee Online to keep your personal contact information up to date.  The district uses this information for automated messages to notify employees in case of an emergency.



Who to Call

Danese Thaidigsman
Director of Benefits & HRIS

Toni Damron
Benefits & Retirement Analyst

Dianne Smith
Benefits & Workers' Comp Specialist

If you have a specific idea or concern you'd like addressed by the Benefits Committee, contact your bargaining unit representative, listed on this page.