Become A Teacher In Washington

Interested in becoming a teacher in Washington, but not yet certified in the State of Washington?

RCW 28A.410.025 requires that all teachers must hold a valid Washington State teaching certificate or permit issued by the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI)’s Certification Office.

Pathways to Certification

Mentor a prospective future teacher?

Even during a pandemic, we continue to receive requests for placements for internships in our schools.  This is a testament to the fantastic teachers in Northshore.  Our university partners report the opportunity to student teach in Northshore is a top choice for their students.  To best support these aspiring educators, we need YOU, our quality Northshore teachers, to guide their development during practicum and student teaching experiences.  To serve as a cooperating (host) teacher, you need only to have three years of teaching experience, a willingness to be open and honest about your teaching practice, and the endorsement of your building principal.  If you have interest in serving as a cooperating teacher this winter, spring, or even next fall, please respond to this brief form.  Chief Leadership & Strategy Officer, Tracy Meloy, will confirm your interest, check with your principal, and contact you directly before ever placing an intern in your classrooms.


"One of the benefits as a mentor is you get to examine your own philosophies and procedures and evaluate if they really are relevant. It makes you think about what you are doing and why and gives you practice communicating that. And it gives you an opportunity to hear and see someone else's perspective that you don't get just from observing one class. And just like when you are rewarded by seeing your students grow and learn you have that same feeling seeing the growth of your student teacher." - Math Teacher, Skyview Middle School

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