Certificated Employment

Thank you for your interest in working for the Northshore School District!

We're currently accepting online applications for the following certificated positions:

  • Educators
  • Occupational / Physical Therapists
  • Speech Language Pathologists
  • Counselors
  • School Psychologists
  • Certificated Substitutes

Why NSD?

We are committed to attracting, developing, and retaining a highly qualified workforce that appreciates the diversity of the community and is committed to practices that are responsive to the needs of all students and families.

Support for New Educators

We have a robust induction program that starts from the moment a new teacher is hired and supports them through their first years in the profession which means new teachers not only survive their first years in the classroom, they thrive!  Our Induction Program is supported by a generous grant from OSPI’s Beginning Educator Support Team (BEST), and is based on the Washington State Standards for Beginning Educator Induction

Learn more about the New Teacher Induction Program at NSD

Ideal Location

Our district encompasses 60 square miles including the beautiful cities of Bothell, Kenmore, and Woodinville. This location puts employees within close proximity to Seattle, Lake Washington, Puget Sound, and the Cascade Mountains which offers a wide range of recreational activities nearby!

 Learn about what these thriving cities have to offer:

We are also conveniently located near 5 universities and 6 community colleges for continuing education!

Committed to Our Strategic Plan

Our mission at Northshore is to strengthen our community through excellence in education and our Strategic Plan sets clear goals and measures in order to accomplish our mission. Goals for student learning, growth, and success:

  • Success in early years
  • Responsible, resilient, empathetic learners
  • Growth for every student, elimination of outcome and opportunity gaps
  • Innovative, creative, critical thinkers
  • Ready for lifelong success after graduation

Learn more about our strategic plan and download a copy

Competitive Pay and Benefits

Certificated staff are paid on the Washington State salary scale and we offer an additional teacher responsibility factor. View the NSEA Collective Bargaining Agreement, Salary Schedules, and Work Year Calendar.

We also offer a competitive benefits package for certificated staff who hold an employment contract of 0.5 FTE or greater.

Dedicated to Professional Development

We are dedicated to the professional development of our staff!

At Northshore, 70% of teachers have at least a master's degree and there are currently 168 National Board Certified Teachers. To help certificated employees pursue continuing education, employees may elect to convert any or all of the annual Responsibility Factor compensation to a pre-tax tuition reimbursement program. The District also has a National Board Certification reimbursement program which allows employees pursuing National Board Certification to apply for reimbursement for the amount required for registration. 

Along with being located near several universities for professional development opportunities, the District provides many opportunities to earn clock hours in-district.

In addition, Northshore has weekly student release time incorporated into the calendar on Wednesdays.  Students are released 90 minutes early once each week on a regular consistent basis in order to provide staff with non-instructional work time within the regular work day. This is time that is utilized to enhance the quality of instruction and learning for students.

Strong Community Involvement

Our School Board seeks staff and community input for its planning and citizens are engaged through a variety of special committees and task forces, and surveys. We are a district that has strong community support and parent involvement and benefits from continuous voter support of bonds and levies.


We are currently accepting online applications for certificated substitutes! Apply to job #18-001 for the 2018-19 substitute teacher pool. Certificated substitutes are hired throughout the school year as needed. 

Job Qualifications and Assignments

For certificated substitute applicants, the instructions for application are the same as regular employment with the exception of the number of confidential reference forms required. For certificated substitute positions, two confidential forms need to be received from your supervisory referrers. You must be certificated in the state of Washington in order to substitute for a certificated staff member. 

Qualifications for Certificated Substitutes

We require our certificated substitutes to be regularly certificated in the state of Washington (Standard, Residency, Continuing and Substitute Certification).

Certificated Assignments

Certificated assignments cover all areas of endorsement. A substitute teacher may accept assignments outside of their area of endorsement for periods of less than 20 consecutive days. Any of the certificated assignments may change without notice to meet the needs of the school or the district.

The Northshore School District has four main categories of certificated instruction:


These positions include all areas of instruction in grades K-6 including specialized disciplines such as Music, PE, and Library. More specific information will be provided with each assignment.

Middle School/High School

These positions include all areas of instruction in grades 7-12. Endorsement in specific areas is desired at the Jr. High/ High school level, but it is not required. Previous experience is often desired for one or two day assignments.

Secondary Specialized

These positions require specific knowledge of specialized disciplines including, but not limited to, Fire Safety, Business Education, and Marketing. Endorsement is desired, but not required. Previous experience or a suitable level of comfort may often be desired for short-term positions.

Special Needs

These positions cover all ages and grade levels. Assignments may include work with Special Education students, disabled students or students with other impairments such as hearing or vision loss. A strong desire to work with special needs students is required in all assignments in this category. Previous experience is desired but not mandatory.

Retirees and Subbing

Northshore welcomes and recognizes the expertise and experience retired Northshore educators can bring as substitute teachers. If you are retired from the Northshore School District, please contact the Substitute Office at suboffice@nsd.org to request a retiree paperwork packet. Make sure you check the return to work guidelines within your particular retirement plan so you don't inadvertently jeopardize your benefits.

Interns and Subbing

Interns may be asked to substitute for their master teacher. In order to accept this role, an intern must apply for the Intern Substitute Teacher certificate and complete hiring paperwork. Please contact Denise Stewart in HR 425-408-7608 or dstewart2@nsd.org to begin this process. An online certificated application must be completed as part of this process. Once this certificate has been issued, please email suboffice@nsd.org to complete the Intern Substitute Teacher process.

Emergency Substitute Teachers

Not certified, but interested in substituting as a classroom teacher? Learn more about becoming an emergency substitute teacher.


Interested In Becoming A Teacher, But Not Certified In The State of Washington?

Visit our Become A Teacher In Washington page for information for those new to the profession, teachers in other states, and current NSD ESP and Emergency Substitutes.


Information About Applying

Ready to apply? Read this helpful information first about how to apply, required documents as part of your application, and FAQs.

How To Apply

Create an account using our online application system.  Our staff will only review online applications.

In your account:

Complete or update your application by clicking on My Application and completing the required fields. Your application is "complete" when the following materials have been received:

  1. Your completed online application.
  2. Your resume (uploaded with your online application).
  3. A minimum number of electronic confidential reference forms returned.
  4. Any certificates required for the position as noted in the job description.

Only completed applications will be reviewed by hiring managers.

In addition to completing your application, you will need to apply to the job. You will apply by clicking on the Jobs tab and then the View/Apply button next to any job you are interested in and qualified for.

We will contact you if your qualifications and interests match the needs of the position.

To view other types of positions listed on our job board (Classified,  Certificated, Administrator-Certificated, Administrator-Classified) you will need to log into your account, go to My Application > General Information and change the Applicant Type by selecting the ‘Change Type’ button. The All Jobs page will then list all the open positions for that applicant type.  Please note that changing the applicant type does not affect the jobs that you have already applied for. Don't forget to review your application to make sure there are not any additional questions you need to answer with the new applicant type.

Required Documents

  • Online Application
  • Resume
  • Letter of Application stating your goals and qualifications
  • Copy of WA State Teaching Certificate
  • Three Confidential References (Minimum two for substitute position)

Please note: confidential reference forms are automatically emailed to your references once your submit your online application.

Frequently Asked Questions

I forgot my username or password. How do I retrieve it?

From the application ‘Sign In’ page, click ‘Forgot username or password?’ An email will be sent to you shortly.

What is a pool position?

A pool position is posted for the school year to collect applications in the event that a position in a building or department needs to be filled. Your application to a job pool will remain active for the duration of the school year.

How do I know if my online application was submitted?

An auto-generated email will be sent to your email with your application status.

How do I know if my application is complete?

Please review the Required Documents below. You can ensure your application has met the minimum data requirements to be visible to hiring administrators by clicking on the check mark with the circle around it on the left hand menu in your application.


Who should I list as a confidential reference?

You should list those who have observed you in the classroom like a principal/assistant principal, mentor teacher, field supervisor.

How can I see if my confidential references returned their surveys?

Login to your account and view the reference status on the References and Confidential References page in your application.

To whom do I address the letter of application?

Since online applications are reviewed by any one of Northshore’s administrators, we recommend you address the letter of application with Hiring Official or Hiring Administrator.

Do I need a teaching certificate for these positions?

Yes, a valid Washington State Teaching Certificate with the appropriate endorsement for the position is required.

For candidates who are new to the profession, moving from out of state, or in the process of obtaining a valid certificate, please go ahead and apply. 

Don't posses a valid Washington State Teaching Certificate? Learn more about how to become certified in the state of Washington.

When will I hear from Northshore?

Vacancies occur throughout the school year. When there is a vacancy, Administrators will review the applicant pools and contact applicants directly for interview.

Does Northshore only post applicant pools?

On occasion NSD may post a specific certificated position, but in general, yes, teaching positions are posted as pools.

I am graduating this summer and do not have my teaching certificate yet, should I apply now or wait?

Apply now and note on your online application that your Washington State teaching certificate is pending. Once you get your permit/certificate, upload your document at that time.

I am a teacher out of state and do not have a WA teacher certificate, should I apply now or wait?

Apply now. Include on your application about your current teaching certificate and upload a copy in the attachments. Once you get your WA permit/certificate, upload your document at that time. Learn more about the process for obtaining your WA state teaching certificate as an out of state teacher on Become A Teacher in Washington.

Does Northshore School District accept placement files?


Who do I contact if I have additional questions or need help with my application?

Contact Human Resources at humanresources@nsd.org or 425-408-7604.

Notifications About Future Openings

Want to get alerts about future openings that match your interests?

Log into your account, click the Jobs tab, click Job Notifications, select the job type you are interested in and make sure the checkbox next to receive notifications about new matching jobs is checked, and then click Save and Next.

To select multiple job types, hold down the Command or Ctrl keys and then click on each job type.

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Certificated Employment News

  • We are hiring special education teachers!
  • We are hiring Spanish teachers! Apply to job 19-137

Need a computer to complete your application or need help on your application?

Come visit the Human Resources Department between 8am-5pm Monday-Friday at the Administrative Center! For questions, you can also email or call us anytime!