I love my job as a school nurse with the Northshore School District.
At Northshore, we work hard, we play hard, and we put families first.
I've never left a job at the end of the day feeling more joy and fulfillment for what I put into it than this job.
I enjoy working at NSD because of the supportive work environment and the flexibility to balance my work life and home life.
I've had a lifetime of experience and of joy being a bus driver.
The management treats me fair and well. The School Board is very nice. I am very happy to get along with coworkers.

We are in process of shifting to a new application platform.

If you are applying for a 2023-2024 school year position (current school year), please apply using the links above. 

If you are applying for a 2024-2025 school year position (this coming school year), please apply using the link below.   

* Applicants will be required to create a new profile and application in the new system as previous data will not transfer from one system to the other. * 

Why Work at Northshore?

  • Our strategic plan sets clear standards.
  • Innovation and creativity are encouraged.
  • The growth and satisfaction of employees are key to our success.
  • We believe in strengthening our community through excellence in education.
  • There is strong community support and parent involvement.
  • We are committed to equity, to safety and supports for students and adults, and to building on strengths and addressing the needs of the whole child.
  • Dedicated to the professional development of our staff.
  • Great location with many things to do nearby.
  • Working at Northshore gives you the opportunity to make a difference in one of society's most challenging responsibilities... the education of children. 

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There's a committed belief running through the staff of Northshore, and whether you're driving a bus, serving meals, or cleaning a classroom, our work makes a difference in the lives of kids. That's what I love about this district


Employment Types Include

Administrator Jobs – Certificated (school leader or central office positions) or Classified (directors, managers, or supervisors).

Certificated Jobs – Contracted certificated educator and certificated substitute are positions which require one of the following: Washington State teaching certificate; Educational Staff Associate (ESA) certificate; or Career and Technical Education (CTE) certificate.

Classified Jobs– General employment staff, hourly employees, and substitute positions that do not require a certificate. These positions include school support staff, district service staff, and part-time or short-term hourly employees.


Important Information for Retirees

Retirees:  Return to work rules are specific to your retirement plan. It is your responsibility to review your return to work rules before applying for or accepting any assignment. For more information, pick the publication for your retirement plan from the list below and visit the DRS website at www.drs.wa.gov

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