Salary Placement, Transcripts & Clock Hours

Salary Placement

  • Salary placement on the Teachers' Salary Schedule 29 is determined by the number of credits and clock hours earned after the first Bachelor's degree and the number of verified years of certificated teaching experience.
  • The verification of employment, official transcripts, clock hour forms and the corresponding "Approval" forms must be submitted to Data Management ( before salary placement can be determined for the current school year. 
  • Any NSD inservice clock hours only completed after Jan 1st, 2019 will be auto submitted to HR Data Management.
  • Transcripts or Clock Hour Documents are still required to be submitted to HR Data Management for salary placement changes for any NSD courses completed BEFORE 1/1/2019 or any out of district clock hours (including National Board).
  • All new degrees, credits, and clock hours must be earned by October 1 to advance on the salary schedule.
  • Salary placement will be adjusted if documented information is received before October 1 and it supports the change.
  • Changes to salary placement that occur after the monthly payroll deadline will be paid retroactively to the first day of the individual's contract. The retroactive pay will appear on the next month's pay warrant.
  • The annual employee salary is paid in twelve (12) equal installments from September through August.
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Transcripts, Credits & Clock Hours 

  • Transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the college or university to be considered "official".
  • Credits must be earned from a regionally accredited college or university. Courses for which credits are earned must be numbered 100 or above.
  • Credits used for salary placement purposes are posted as quarter credits. Semester credits are converted to quarter credits (one semester credit equals 1.5 quarter credits).
Clock Hours
  • Course work for Credits and Clock hours must be completed and earned before October 1st. 
  • To be eligible, clock hours used for salary placement must be earned from a Washington State Professional Educator Standards Board-approved clock hour provider. The clock hours issued by the approved provider must be on the OSPI approved in-service registration form or approved in-service transcript. For a current list of approved Clock Hour Providers
  • Once you have completed out of district Clock Hours, you must send verification of completion of Clock Hours to Data Management for the completed Clock Hours to impact salary placement. Verification can either be a Clock Hour transcript or out of district clock hours sent to or via district mail addressed to HR Data Management.
  • Classes taken prior to 9/1/19 must be a minimum of three (3) hours to be clock hour eligible.  Thereafter, classes with one (1) hour of eligible content are considered eligible for a clock hour award.
  • Clock hours are converted to credits for salary placement. Ten (10) clock hours equals one (1) credit.