Professional Development

We strongly support staff in their search for professional development opportunities. All district-led classes are available through NSD's PD system.

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How do I access the new PD software?

To learn how to use Performance matters

What are the requirements to receive clock hours?

  • Only “professional development” activities can be awarded clock hours. 
    • Regulations prohibit awarding clock hours for:
      • Routine staff meetings
      • Discussion about building/classroom operations or administrative policies and procedures.
      • Social hours or meal times (unless this time is spent continuing with the professional development activity; for example listening to a scheduled presenter).
  • A minimum of three hours of instructional time is required in order to be clock hour eligible.
  • Each section (in-service) requires an agenda that includes: 
    • A statement of the intended outcomes for the course including specific topics covered/learned/presented;
    • The date and time of each session; specifically the start and end times with breaks and meal times included.

What do I do when my inservice is not listed as complete?

Once all meeting dates for the section (in-service) have concluded, the staff development team will be notified and can work towards reconciling the section (in-service). 

If you have a specific section (in-service) you would like reconciled in order to move up a step on the salary schedule or you would like to inquire about a discrepancy with a clock hour award, please email the Staff Development team (  In the subject line, please include the section number and the purpose for the request - for example #12345 missing clock hours or #12345 salary placement.

How do I submit my clock hours for salary placement?

The process for submitting clock hours is currently the same.

Users can still print their clock hour transcripts from the new system and send these to the Data Management Office ( for salary placement.

Watch for announcements in the near future regarding process enhancements for submitting clock hours!

What professional development opportunities can I take as a certificated substitute?

The District:

  • Offers at least a half-day professional development opportunity each year on skills necessary for effective substitute service 
  • Makes professional development webinars available throughout the school year regarding use of District technology tools
  • Provides access to open seats at professional development opportunities scheduled outside the school day or school year 
  • Includes substitutes with written replacement employee contracts in professional development opportunities on the same basis as the teacher they are replacing

For assistance with registering for pd classes and checking on the availability of open seats, contact 


Additional PD Funding Sources


Contact your Building Inservice Chair for additional information on accessing PD funds. You can also check with your building's PTA president regarding funds. While each building's PTA sets its own priorities, many provide teacher grants for supplies to support instruction.

Specialists - OT/PT, Psychologists, SLP

Apply to Special Education for in-service PD funds.  Some buildings may provide additional funds to Specialists assigned at their building. See your Specialist Department Head for more information about any potential funds. 

Paraeducators, School Assistants, Nurses

All ESP members and NEOPA members can apply for professional development funds for job related training.   To apply, contact the designated association representative. More information can be found in your contract.  Additionally, some building Principals or a building department may have discretionary funds available that could potentially be used by classified staff members.

Paraeducators are eligible to attend a variety of classes through the PSESD

Custodians, Food Service Workers & Bus Drivers

These personnel usually receive inservice training through their department.


These employees can access professional development funding through their building or by contacting Chris Bigelow in Student Services - email or phone 425-408-7726.