Para-educator Core Competencies

On January 1, 2000, WAC 932-172-200 went into effect. This WAC states:
Classified staff shall present evidence of skills and knowledge necessary to meet the needs of students with disabilities, and shall be supervised consistent with WAC 392-172-045 (4)(a)(iii). Districts shall have procedures that ensure that classified staff training meet state recommended core competencies pursuant to RCW 28A.415.310.

Please download the Tracking Form for recording Core Competencies. These competencies describe the knowledge and skills that Special Education Paraeducators must demonstrate in order to work with students with disabilities as required in the state WAC. Directions are provided on the form for tracking competencies. 

You may receive training through our District, Educational Service Districts, or gain knowledge through on-the-job experience and training. You will be required to document training or competency three years from your hire date. Once you have documented completion of the competencies and have obtained required signatures showing completion, a copy must be sent Susan Martin in Human Resources.

Contact Shawnacy Smith at 425-408-7609 or by email with questions.


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