Leave of Absence

Employees must complete a leave of absence application for unpaid leave of any duration, or for a paid leave of absence exceeding 10 work days using accrued leave balances.


Completed applications can be sent to Human Resources or faxed to 425-408-7625

Types of Leave

Adoption/Maternity/Paternity Leave
Leave after the adoption or birth of your child.

Childcare Leave
Unpaid leave following FMLA (if eligible) and/or adoption/maternity/paternity leave. Refer to your collective bargaining agreement for details and eligibility.

Emergency Leave (must meet one of the following criteria)

  • Serious health condition or injury to a spouse, state registered domestic partner, child, parent, or other family member that requires the employee to act as a caregiver.
  • A serious, unavoidable situation that is not merely for the employee's convenience.
  • An employee or family member who is a victim of domestic violence/sexual assault or stalking.

Medical Leave
An employee's medically necessitated leave for more than 10 work days.

Paid Leave Requests
Leave allotments are available for collective bargaining members of Food Services, Support Services, and Transportation.  Only members of these collective bargaining groups will need to complete the form below.

Families First Coronavirus Response Act - Click here to learn more about this new legislation and what is covered under this Act, all related to COVID-19.

Unpaid Leave of Absence
Short Term - An unpaid leave for 10 or less work days.

Unpaid Leave of Absence
More than 10 Work Days - Refer to respective collective bargaining agreement for details and eligibility.

Military or Family Medical Military Leave
Leave necessitated due to a Call to Active Duty for employee or employee's spouse, state registered domestic partner, son, daughter, or parent.

Unpaid Leaves

The eligibility and criteria for this leave of absence depends on the collective bargaining agreement. Below is a summary of the eligibility requirements for NSEA, ESP, and NEOPA. Employees outside these groups please reference your collective bargaining agreement or non-represented agreement for detailed, specific language.

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