National Board

Funding Support Available for Tuition Costs for Seattle University Program in support of new and continuing National Board Candidates

The Northshore Schools Foundation made a generous contribution to help fund support for National Board Certificated Teacher (NBCT) candidates in the Northshore School District.  This funding will be used to help certificated staff defray tuition costs for enrolling and participating in the Seattle University National Board Candidate Support Program.  This program supports staff who are beginning and continuing the process of seeking National Board certification.

If you will be participating in the SU National Board Candidate Support Program and wish to apply for tuition assistance, please complete the Letter of Agreement form and submit it to Human Resources by August 31.  The amount of reimbursement (not to exceed the cost of the tuition) will be determined after August 31 when the number of participants in the program is known.

The Letter of Agreement provides specific information for applying and receiving financial support for the SU National Board Candidate Support Program. 

Download the 2022-23 Teacher Letter of Agreement

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 Interested in Pursuing Your National Board Certification?

If you are interested in pursuing your National Board Certification, please use the following information as your guide.  Once candidates register, they will get a class website with online resources and classroom info.

Recently Passed Your National Board Certification?

If you have recently passed the National Boards, please contact Lance Andahl by email or by phone 425-408-7614.