FAQ Certificated Contracts

Where can I find more information on Clock Hours and Credits?


When is my contract due?

Contracts must be signed within 10 days of the issue date. 

Who can I contact with questions about my contract or pay, including incorrect salary placement, incorrect FTE, or incorrect contract type? 

First, please sign and submit your issued contract. You will be issued a revised contract if your contract information changes. Then, contact Data Management at HRDatamanagement@nsd.org. 

Are you new to Northshore this year?

Data Management may not have received all of your experience and academic credit documentation. As we receive and post your documentation your salary placement will be updated, you will be issued a revised contract, and you will receive retroactive pay. 

What is ‘Annual FTE’?

Your Annual FTE is a calculation based on the number of contracted days in your assignment and the number of hours you work per day. A 1.0 FTE equals a 180 day contract working 7.5 hours per day. For example, you may be a 0.5 FTE if you are contracted to work 180 days at 3.75 hours/day OR you may be a 0.5 FTE if you are contracted to work 90 days at 7.5 hours/day. 

When will I receive my stipend? 

Contract-defined Extended Days stipends, travel stipends, and department head stipends are paid beginning September 30th.

Stipends for activities, athletics, extra-curricular, music, and TRT assignments are paid beginning October 31st.

How many additional credits/clock hours do I need to advance salary levels?

Credits and Clock hours that have been entered into our system are now available to view on Employee Online under Credit & Clock Hours. Credits and clock hours awarded prior to October 1st can be used toward your salary placement. 

Where can I view NSEA salary schedules?

Salary schedules can be found here under “Non-Administrative Certificated Employees” 

How can I access and print a signed copy of my contract? 
  • Log in to Records by navigating to: records.nsd.org
  • Under 'My Tasks' click on the 'Completed' tab
  • Select 'View' next to the contract which you would like to print
  • Scroll down to the bottom of the contract and click 'Print'