Background/artifact.  Comb-bound books, a copier and two pieces of bulk mail with indicia.
How do I place an order?

Send us a Print Request Form or email us at gcenter@nsd.org or come visit us in person.

What files are the best to send for printing?

We prefer to get PDF files.  However we support various file formats such as PDF, Adobe Creative Suites applications, MS Publisher and MS PowerPoint.  Please call if you have any questions about file formats or sending files.

How long will it take to print my project?

The time depends on production method.  Generally speaking, we ask for 5-7 business days to complete a request. Give us a call if you have a rush request or need a faster turn-around time.

How much does my project cost?

The cost does depend on the type of project you are printing or copying. Please send us an email or give us a call if you would like a quote.

What are my binding options?

We are able to do multiple types of binding, such as saddle stitching, tape binding, spiral binding and comb binding. Extra time is required for these types of services.

What is the difference in cost for the Graphics Center and the PTA Walk Up Copier?

The price is the same.  The Walk Up copier is faster and allows for same-day turnaround but it allows for black and white copying only.  To get color printing, you can place an order from Graphics.

How can I send a large file to Graphics for printing?

If your file is 8MG or smaller, you can email the file to us at gcenter@nsd.org. If the file is larger than 8MGs, give us call and we can give you a link for sending large files.

Can you print in large format?

The largest size that we can print in-house is 13"x19".  If you would like a larger print, give us a call at 425.408.7830 and we can get a quote for you.