Water Quality Testing

Drinking fountain releasing water

The Northshore School District began testing its drinking water in 2004 and has continued to do so roughly every five years, as recommended by the Environmental Protection Agency. The most current testing of lead and copper was completed in June 2023. Results are posted here.

We believe it is important to maintain a regular testing schedule, as it is possible for water lines to develop issues over time. Regular testing ensures new issues in water quality are addressed in a timely manner.

2020 Water Quality Testing

Due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Department of Health suspended our 2020 drinking water quality testing program. Prior to the COVID-19 closure we completed water quality testing at 12 of our Elementary schools and have posted those results here. All fixtures that tested over 9 ppb have been repaired or replaced.

How We Test

School Lead Testing Guidance

The District works with the Washington State Department of Health and PBS Environmental & Engineering on current water quality testing. PBS Environmental & Engineering is an Environmental consultant company who designs, performs and monitors water quality testing for a number of districts in the region. Cold water samples were collected from every drinking water tap and taps used to prepare food for students. Samples were analyzed by our Public Health Laboratory using EPA method 200.8.

  • The Washington State requirement for lead content in drinking water in schools is not to exceed 5 parts per billion (ppb).
  • The EPA determination for lead content in drinking water is not to exceed 15ppb.
  • Fixtures that have tested greater than the District Standard of 10ppb have been designated and posted as "Hand Washing Only." 
  • Supply line and aerator parts have been replaced for fixtures with lead content testing greater than 5ppb.
  • Older fixtures are being replaced.


Bruce Skowyra
Director of Support Services