Technical Specifications

Our facility is furnished with a wide array of equipment and amenities.  These include:

  • Seating capacity for 595 audience members
  • 6 wheelchair accessible seating locations and 6 easy access seats
  • Stage dimensions of 43' wide by 50' deep with a 19' opening
  • Greenroom with 2 attached dressing rooms
  • 2 additional dressing rooms
  • 148 orchestra chairs and 85 music stands for use on stage
  • A full stage orchestra shell
  • 8 piece choir shell
  • 8 3-step choral risers
  • 7' Boston grand piano
  • Vibraphone, marimba, xylophone, glockenspiel, chimes, base drum, and timpani (32", 29", 26", and 23")
  • Professional house speaker system tuned to the acoustics of the room
  • Soundcraft Si Performer 3 sound mixing console located just outside the control booth at the rear of the house
  • ETC Ion 1000 lighting console located in the control booth at the rear of the house
  • 2 Lycian Midget followspots located in the second catwalk in the middle of the house

If you have further inquiries to our capabilities please email all questions to the District Theater Manager at or check in with some of our downloadable technical documentations below.

Technical Downloads