Integrated Pest Management

Integrated Pest Management is an approach to pest control that utilizes regular monitoring to determine if and when treatments are needed. It employs a combination of strategies and tactics to keep pest numbers low enough to prevent unacceptable damage or annoyance. Biological, cultural, physical, mechanical, educational and chemical methods are used in site-specific combinations to solve pest problems. Chemical controls are used only when needed, and using the least toxic product needed to control the pest.


Notice of Pesticide Application

We will notify parents and staff through email whenever there is an application of pesticide to their affiliated district facility or grounds. There are two types of pesticide notifications:

  • Emergency Notifications: Pre-notification is not required in the case of emergencies such as stinging pest. Notification will be sent as soon as possible. Families will receive an email with the subject line "Notice: Emergency Pesticide Application."
  • Standard Notifications: When there is a planned application, we will provide at least 48 hours notice. Families will receive an email with the subject line "Notice: Pesticide Application." This notice will also be posted at the location.


Approved Products

Name Target Pest Active Ingredient Safety Data Sheet
Arilon Stinging Insects Indoxacarb


Advion Gel Ants Indoxacard PDF
Terad 3 Rodents Cholecalciferol PDF
Vinagreen Weeds Acetic Acid PDF
Casecade Green Weeds   PDF



The Integrated Pest Management Committee is comprised of district staff and community volunteers who provide recommendations to district leadership on how to improve our pest management districtwide. The committee will meet at least quarterly. All upcoming meetings will be posted on the IPM Committee Webpage.


Bruce Skowyra
IPM Coordinator              Director, Support Services
(425) 408-7803

Steve Simpson
Facilities, Grounds, Sports Complex Supervisor
(425) 408-7885


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