Ethnic Studies Work Team

The Ethnic Studies Work Team is responsible for recommending to the Superintendent a plan for the implementation of a P-12 Ethnic Studies Framework for use across grade levels and content areas and a high school elective or required course. The framework and the high school course will promote the self-identity, humanization and empowerment of all students, healing from historical, intergenerational and lasting trauma, civic action and community engagement. Ethnic Studies pedagogy will also promote collaboration, deep thinking and critical analysis of racism and other forms of oppression.

The Ethnic Studies Work Team consists of two teams:

Core Design Team

  • Attend each session to learn and contribute
  • Facilitate the goals, vision, norms and responsibilities of the pilot team
  • Read assigned texts and participate actively in work team 
  • Communicate with Collaborative Learning Team about monthly learning and framework progress to invite feedback and cultivate learning
  • Promote shared knowledge and advocacy for Ethnic studies and those who will benefit.
  • Delve in the learning and deepen background knowledge within and outside of work team meetings.
  • Document team's work
  • Gather and share resources for review
  • Other duties as needed

Collaborative Learning Team

  • Attend learning sessions to learn and contribute
  • Facilitate the goals, vision, norms and responsibilities of the pilot team
  • Seek and represent multiple and diverse experiences and embodied knowledge
  • Read, review, reflect and respond to the readings, resources, and related materials shared
  • Engage with the learning team monthly to discuss your learning and provide feedback to the core team. 
  • Advocate for and champion the work
  • Offer considerations overtime for various aspects related to this Ethnic Studies Project: professional learning, communication, implementation, accountability


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