Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment

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In alignment with our Northshore School District Strategic Action Plan, our Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department works collaboratively with teachers, administrators, and staff (within schools and across departments) to implement foundational instructional practices that are culturally responsive and engaging for every child within our classrooms. We seek to establish a strong context for learning that includes engaging educational opportunities, challenging content, and relevant experiences that connect and honor each child’s heritage and culture.

  • Keeping our goals and vision in mind, team members of the Curriculum, Instruction, and Assessment Department specifically support Northshore schools in the following ways:
  • Provides professional development on research and evidence-based instructional practices;
  • Models instructional strategies in classrooms;
  • Coaches educators with the application of new and current materials for both students and teachers;
  • Supports teachers as they implement culturally responsive, inclusive and high leverage practices that engage each student;
  • Collaborates with content teams to articulate standards and skill expectations for each grade level and subject;
  • Guides teachers on the use of formative and summative classroom assessments to identify strengths, gaps in learning, and next steps for instruction;
  • Manages district and state-wide data and accountability measures;
  • Coordinates assessment processes and protocols for local and state assessments;
  • Conducts research and curriculum reviews in line with the CMAC evaluation process that includes a curriculum review, pilot process, analysis of input from essential stakeholders, and a recommendation for adoption;
  • Researches best practices for content-area implementation and collaborates with teacher leaders to update and improve instructional practices, instructional design, daily lessons, and materials;
  • Tracks, manages, and develops courses of study relevant to elementary, middle and high school students;
  • Monitors student progress, system-wide, toward high standards of success and achievement.

Contact information for specific subject areas is provided below.

Assistant Superintendent - Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Heather Miller

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction - Elementary

Christy Clausen

Assistant Director of Curriculum and Instruction - Secondary

Niki Smith

Director of Just Education and Adaptive Technology

Adra Davy


Assistant Director of Assessment

Derek Tucci
Content Area: K-12 Assessment

Administrative Assistant Curriculum, Instruction and Assessment

Gazi Saleh

Instructional Support Specialist, Assessment

Heidi Morse

Instructional Support Specialist

Christy Frank