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Communications and Engagement

The Northshore School District Communications and Engagement Department is committed to providing excellent leadership in creating timely, accurate, transparent, effective and open communications so all families, students, staff and community partners are informed and engaged. The department is committed to working collaboratively with staff, volunteers and community partners to meet the District's goal of providing an excellent education experience for all students and families.


Meet the Team

Woman with brown hair red jacket, black blouse

Executive Director of Communications

District and school media relations, executive communications, crisis communications and press releases, brand

Jennifer Piplic

Assistant Director of Communications

Bond & Levy Project, Press Releases, District Stories

Marco Garcia

Community Partnerships & Volunteer Coordinator

Volunteers, Art Docent, PTA

Woman with white blouse and blonde braids

Digital Communications & Accessibility Specialist

Website, Social Media, Video, Photos, Forms, Design

Kaarin Sharman

Communications Specialist

Emergency and mass communications, e-fliers, printed publications

Kathy Hughes

District Receptionist

Staff, family and community support, directories



Our Commitment to Racial & Educational Justice

The Communications team will feel confident in integrating racial and educational justice in all of our conversations, collaborations, planning, work and contributions across the District in alignment with the Strategic Plan. In doing so, students, staff and families throughout our District community will feel seen, heard, engaged and supported toward a successful K-12 experience.

Learn more about the Northshore School District's commitment to Racial & Educational Justice.



Press Releases & Media Availability

If you are a member of the media and would like to contact the District, please contact Carri Campbell. Visit our Press Releases page to read more.



District Stories

Have something to share? We invite you to share your story. Visit our District News page to see more.

photo of a school zone sign

This fall, the cities of Bothell and Kenmore have both launched photo enforcement programs to enhance student safety and enforce school zone speed limits. During student drop-off in the morning and pick-up in the afternoon, you will see flashing beacons and speeding tickets will be issued with the help of photo enforcement to drivers who violate the 20 mph school zone speed limit near 9 school sites.

Northshore School District logo in white on a blue background

Annually, the District provides parents/guardians with notifications that must be acknowledged, including the Washington State Attendance Letter, Rights and Responsibilities Handbook, Weapons Letter, Tech Use Agreement, Meningococcal/HPV Letter (Secondary Only), and Permission to Withhold Student Directory Information.



Connections Newsletter

Visit our Connections Newsletter page to see more.



Community Newsletter

We are committed to keeping the entire Northshore community informed and engaged.

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