Field Trips and Activities

The district's insurance provides broad coverage that protects us in most school-sponsored activities. However, there are important exclusions to consider when planning any activity (even if the district isn't incurring a monetary cost).  Especially those that fall into a high risk area, such as renting inflatable amusement rides, amusement parks, and camps with various outdoor activities.  Go-Carts and motorized racing vehicles are excluded from the district's coverage through WSRMP.  

The district must consider whether there are reasonable and documentable educational objectives associated with an activity and whether an activity presents an unreasonable exposure to injury for students and staff.  When planning a field trip or activity, you'll need to allow time to work with the Risk Management Department to assess potential risk associated with activities and verify they're covered by WSRMP.

Purchase Requisitions, P-cards, and Vendor Contracts   
Please attach the following applicable forms to your requisition or p-card.  All contracts must be sent to the Purchasing Department for review and signature authority (including contracts that don't require an exchange of funds).

Amusement and Higher Risk Activities (forms located in the Staff Toolbox under Field Trip Forms

The Amusement Activities and the Higher Risk Activities checklists will help you determine which activities may be approved, as well as conditions that must be met prior to reserving inflatables or participating in higher risk activities. Using the form as your guide for choosing appropriate activities will speed up the purchasing process and cut down on delays that may occur.  Please contact Christine Cash (x7630) for assistance.  The Amusement Activities Checklist must be completed, signed by your administrator and attached to your requisition before a purchase order and contract can be issued.  

Watercraft/Boat Trips (form located in the Staff Toolbox under Field Trip Forms

If you're planning on taking students on boats (other than Washington State Ferries) a Watercraft Form is required (for our general liability coverage) and must be completed, approved by Risk Management and attached to your purchase requisition before a purchase order and/or contract can be sent to a vendor.  

Chartering a Private Bus

Please contact the Transportation Department (x7901)  for information regarding chartering a private bus.  (WAC 392-144-045 requires the district to obtain a carrier profile with a satisfactory rating.)