Risk Management

The Northshore School District is exposed to various risks of accidental loss, which may or may not be insured. The purpose of this program is to identify and evaluate these risks and create an environment that will enhance the well-being of our students, employees and others; protect property from damage; reduce costs; and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements.
It is our intention to keep to a reasonable minimum, through the application of the risk management process, the "cost of risk", which includes insurance premiums, retained loss expenses, risk control expenses and administrative charges. Wherever possible and prudent, risks will be minimized or eliminated.

We are responsible for:

  • Insurance 
  • Liability and property claims
  • Insurance certificates 
  • Loss control 
  • Injury Reports for Students and Visitors (contact HR for employee injuries)
  • Guidance for implementing risk management processes for activities and field trips

Contact Information

Tracy Patterson
Chief Financial Officer



Christine Cash
Administrative Assistant
FAX  425.408.7645