Use of Leave Time

There are several types of leave that are available for Northshore employees:  illness; personal leave; bereavement. You may need to refer to your bargaining agreement for usage details or contact the Payroll Department for additional information.


The district grants 12 sick days at the beginning of the contract year. This is pro-rated for late start employees. You may accumulate your sick leave from year to year, up to a maximum of your number of contracted paid days on your calendar. Example: NSEA members can accumulate up to 185 days; NASA/NNRAP can accumulate up to 260 days, and so on. Please keep in mind that at retirement, you are only able to buy back up to 180 days (at a 1:4 ratio) (25%).

Personal Leave

The district grants two personal days at the beginning of each contract year. This is prorated for late start employees. Employees can carry over 2 days per year, for a maximum of 6 or 8 days, based on your CBA.

Bereavement Leave

  • The district grants five days for the death of the employee's mother, father, spouse, child, siblings, or other person living in the immediate household.
  • The district grants three days for the death of the employee's father/mother-in-law, son/daughter-in-law, brother/sister-in-law, grandparent or grandchild.
  • The district grants one day annually to attend any other funeral.
  • The district shall permit employees to use any portion of their illness or personal leave days necessary for additional bereavement. 

Track Your Leave on Employee Online 

Employee Online allows you to see your day to day paid leave entries and your balance as of the current payroll. 

Please remember, we are always a month behind on leave taken and some leave adjustments. 

Log onto Employee Online

  • Click on Leave Tracking Tab
  • The leave tracking screen will show, however no leave will appear until you choose your leave type
  • Select one leave type by clicking on the drop down option
  • Select years of detail (1-5 yrs)
  • Select Submit 

Some items (i.e. ESP Professional Hours) are entered as a grand total for the month (not day by day).  Also, if an employee has more than 1 line per daily absence, this is due to split budgets.