Personal Leave Buy Back Program

The application period for the 2023-24 buy-back period for all bargaining groups is now OPEN until June 28.  Teachers have until July 15 to apply.

Online application links below. 

Northshore employees can convert their unused accumulated personal leave into cash under a program bargained as an employee attendance incentive program.

About the Program:

  • Employees must have at least two days of accumulated personal leave as of June 30 to qualify.

  • Payments for twelve-month salaried employees will be included in the August 31 pay statement.

  • Payments for ten-month hourly employees will be included in the July 31 pay statement.

  • For your balance of hours please look at your latest pay statement or the leave tracking tab on EOL. Please remember that the amount listed is one month behind. For example, the balance on your May 31 statement reflects leave taken through April 30. Any personal leave taken in May and June needs to be deducted off the May 31 statement balance.

  • You can carry over four days to the new school year if they are available. You can accumulate a maximum of six days per year.

  • NSEA, ESP, NEOPA, ADMIN only:  You can carry over six days to the new school year if they are available.  You can accumulate a maximum of eight days per year.

  • If you are a PLAN I member who is planning on retiring within two years, you are not eligible for this program

If you have questions, please email

general application (everyone except the below)

nsea teachers application


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